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Van/MPV Rental Car in Christchurch New Zealand

at Anzed Rentals Limited

Travelling around New Zealand as a group or perhaps just as a couple with plenty of luggage? Then our Van/MPV rental car options are a great option for you.

All of our Van/MPV rental car options allow for up to 8 passengers.

All of our rental cars are well maintained and complete with ABS and airbags so you will be well on your way to travelling safely around New Zealand. If you arenít sure of the NZ driving rules Ė donít worry, we will brief you on these.

As part of our rental service we also provide free child/baby seats, a mobile phone and a cooler box. We also have other accessories available for rent: GPS, mobile internet, and in the winter months - snow chains. If you require any or all of these items be sure to let us know when you book.

If you are a budget conscious traveller then our Van/MPV rental car rates are sure to please.

Rental Car - People Mover (MPV) 2.4/3L 8 seater

Toyota Previa/Estima/Tarago 2.4L to 3.0L auto 8 seater
2000 to 2003
kms travelled: 99,000 to 129,000kms
5 door, 2.4/3.0L Automatic, with ABS, airbags & CD players

from $85 to $119 a day (see Rates page)

Rental Car - Premium (larger) MPV

Hyundai iMax/Starex 2.4L auto 8 seater
2012 or newer
kms travelled: less than 89,000kms
5 door 2.4L Automatic, with ABS, airbags & CD players,ESC, parking sensor

from $109 day (see Rates page)

Rental Car - Budget MPV (sorry, now discontinued)

Toyota Previa/Estima/Tarago 2.4L auto 8 seater
1998 or newer
kms travelled: 139,000 to 169,000kms
4 door 2.4L Automatic, with ABS, airbags & CD players, some with sunroofs

from $69 to $99 a day (see Rates page)

Our 4WD SUV rentals are also worth considering if you are planning to hit the ski slopes or just want a vehicle that offers the added 4x4 feature.

If you have decided you would prefer something smaller take a look at our hatchback, sedan and station wagon rental car range.

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