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2006 Customer Compliments

…I would like to thank you for the advice and fine service you have provided. For sure I will look for you the next time I come down to Christchurch…

Have a happy new year and a fantastic 2007.
Warm regards
Vic, Dec 06

…the rental car did served us well although I still believe the Toyota Corolla would have been more fuel efficient.

Thanks for all the advice and I wish you a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead! … Will refer anyone who wants to come NZ to you.

James, Dec 06

Hi Teddy and Tammy…thank you very much for looking after us so well with your excellent service. The little things like the Chilly Bin! and flask and phone are great little extra services that you provided as well and we appreciated that very much and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone we become aware of going over there.

The weather has been kind to us back here at 26 degrees which is very comfortable but little rain.

We trust you have a wonderful blessed Christmas together on your only day off and that business is great for you and a prosperous New Year in 2007 too.
Darryl and Helen Mills, Buderim, Dec 06, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Thanks and happy holidays!
Malcolm, Dec 06

…It was such a pleasure to use your company, and meet you in person. I was particularly impressed with your immediate and very personalised response to my first, and subsequent emails, and I knew I'd found the right guy to hire from! The Toyota RAV4 was immaculately turned out, and its condition inspired confidence in using it. The phone loan is very helpful, and we appreciated being delivered to the airport.

There is no question of us using any other company for car hire in NZ in the future....and we look forward to meeting you again one day.

Good luck with Anzed, and Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2007.
R Colbeck, Dec 06, London, ENGLAND

... your good decision to waive cancellation charges for my daughter influenced me to make a choice for your rental services. I would have done the same in your shoes as I believe in good customer services....I am by the way a commercial photographer ( food, products, buildings etc, portraits ) and I charge good rates if I provide good services.
Many regards and I will use your services and refer you to others that I know are going there...
Kahwah, Dec 06

…Yes, the rental car served us very well including your services as well. Real pleasure meeting you…
Merry Christmas and a blessed new year 2007.
Daniel & Sharon, Dec 06

…Hope we can make it back to NZ one day.

Have given your details to a lady who plays tennis at the same courts as I do. Her name is Olga and she will be over to the South Island in February some time. She was most impressed when I told her how well you looked after us.

Earl and I both wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best wishes,
Earl and Marg, Dec 06, Tweed Heads, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…We are now back in Sydney and settling down again. We had a fantastic time in New Zealand thanks to you. It was really nice to meeting you and thank a lot for being very nice, friendly and supportive. We really appreciate you for everything and the CDs and the coolers and the magnets .

We hope to see you again.
Have a Happy Christmas and New Year.
Warm regards,
Koyomi, Yann, Maud, Ying, Alex, Dec 06, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

… We have not stopped looking at the beautiful photos we took of NZ. Very sad to leave & will definitely be back if all permit!
Nooriza, Nov 06

…Thanks too for all the help you gave us. We had an enjoyable trip and all of us had a good time.

In the hurry of going back home we forgot to return you your sim card. Please forward me your mailing address and I can post it to you…
Warmest Regards,
Kamala, Nov 06

…thank you for the tips for planning our drive around the island. The rental car did indeed serve us well and it was a memorable trip for both of us.

We hope to return to NZ for another holiday soon too!
Best wishes to you and your family,
Tan Yen & Winston, Nov 06, MALAYSIA

…Thanks for the very reliable and comfortable rental car! Also many thanks for lending us all the extras (like the phone, cooler box.... etc) which made our trip more convenient!
Will definitely look you up if we go to Christchurch again!
Take care!
Si Hui, Henry & Marcus, Oct 06

…We are back in Singapore. The trip is great and fun. Many thanks for the great service, information and car you have provided us. We greatly appreciate your help.

Keep in touch. Hope to see you again next time in New Zealand.

Warmest Regards.
Tan Peng & Chin Heng, Oct 06

…We want you to know that we are so pleased with your service and we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends who will need your service when they are in NZ.

Thanks for sending us back to the airport. Your kind gesture is greatly appreciated. Our prayer is that your business will continue to grow and the blessings of God will be with you always.
Jenny, Oct 06, SINGAPORE

…Thank you for your kind assistance & guide during our trip in NZ. Yes, we will definitely see you again for our next trip in NZ. I will refer you my friends for those who are planning to go NZ for holidays. Definitely I will recommend your car rental service to them.
You take care & God bless.
Best Regards
Vincent Tay, Oct 06

…Thanks for the great service and the "little extras" (esky etc.). We will definitely be recommending you to others travelling to NZ. Had a very memorable trip.
Kerry Davies, Oct 06, Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for the warm welcome and for the car which had served us well during our trip to New Zealand. There had been no problem with the car and we covered quite a few miles during our stay and the car was at all times faultless and a pleasure to drive.

Thanks and will definitely introduce to my friends who are going down to New Zealand for holiday. Thank you.
Best regards
Siew Luang, Oct 06

…Beautiful country,outstanding service and good car.
A big thank you and hope to see you soon
Best regards
Roger TS, Oct 06

Hi Teddy,
It was nice meeting and chatting with u.
The rental car served us well... no problems at all.
Will look u up if we re-visit Chrischurch.
Mark & Debbie, Sep 06

…We had a great time - the drive from Christchurch to Wanaka was breathtaking!
Great car - perfect for our trip.
Many thanks - until the next time ....
Steve + Ger, Sep 06, Rossmoyne, W AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for your advice and your service. Though the loss of my handphone was unfortunate, I still get to enjoy my New Zealand trip. The journey with the car was indeed smooth. Will look forward to rent from your rental car company again
Thanks once again!
Ibrahim, Sep 06

…Thanks again to Anzed Car Rentals for making my trip to NZ a wonderful and exciting one. The Toyota Camry is fantastic and spacious enough to accommodate my family needs. Anzed Car Rentals will definitely be my choice on my future trip to NZ.
Thank you.
Ras, Aug 06

… David found the spare key in his pocket! We had a good laugh because that was the obvious place to look.

Thank you again for your kindness and good service. I will tell anyone who needs to rent a car to come to you!
Lanara, Aug 06, Texas, USA

…The experience I had with your firm was excellent. You took the time to explain the New Zealand road rules and was able to quickly point out the differences between the Australian and New Zealand driving rules.
I was also given:
- Detailed directions to find the motel,
- A second set of keys which could have been very handy should I have lost the first set,
- A mobile phone which proved to be very handy,
- General tourist information,
- Full demonstration in the installation of the snow chains.

You mentioned the insurance options to reduce the excess, but did not force me to take these out in any way, since I am already insured.

Given the competitive rates and excellent service, renting from Anzed Car Rentals has a very serious advantage compared with the majors like Hertz, Avis and the likes. I can recommend using the services of Anzed Car Rentals

Best regards
Cornelis de Groot, Aug 06, Perth, WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

…How were you doing these years? I am one of your loyal customers, Mr. Chen, the dentist from Taiwan. Do you remember us? In Feb 2005, my wife and my two kids and I rented a car from you. It was really an unforgettable experience in New Zealand. Thanks to your great help, we all enjoy it so much.

Next year we plan to visit Australia. Do you have a company in Sydney??...
With best wishes,
Mr. Chen Yu-Heng and his family, Aug 06, TAIWAN

…It's Ellen from Oregon. My dad and his friend really enjoyed their trip last March. They appreciated all your help. I'm looking forward to another trip this December.

The AWD 4door I rented last year was great, but if you have any other possibilities I'd appreciate knowing what they are… Cheers

…Thank you for a very reliable car to tour around South Island. We have a great time and memorable moment with the car. Best Regards
Ben Lee, Jun 06, Perth, W. AUSTRALIA

….Thank you for your service and well maintained car. Will look forward to driving your car again. Maybe next year.
See you!
Chee Ping, Jun 06

…Thanks for the warm welcome and for the car which had served us well during our trip to New Zealand. There had been no problem with the car and we feel confident of the car as we need not worry of the cold weather that may cause failure to start the car.

Yes, I know the amount of the phone bill and you can charge to my credit card. Thanks and will definitely introduce to my friends who are going down to New Zealand. Thank you.
Wee Kwang, Jun 06

…I was wondering if you manage to collect the car from Aarburg Motel while we were flying back. I guess the arrangement worked out well.

We are happy with the BUDGET Mazda sedan and it sure has served us well. It is still a good car despite its mileage and age. A little bit shaky on the steering but no problem with the engine. There was this one time that the ABS lights came on after I braked and it won't go off. The road were icy but I did not skid at all, in fact I was travelling at only about 40km/hr. I had to turn off the engine and restart the car to get the ABS indicator lights off. Don't know if this is a problem but anyway it only happened once.

I have a new found respect for the 4WD sedan after this trip! The 4WD feature came in really handy during my Methven trip back to Christchurch after the heavy snowfall. I am almost sure that the car would have bog down at a few instants of going through snow covered roads if not for the fact that all four wheels are spinning. We saw a few front wheel drive cars got stuck.

We had to spend two nights at Methven and no, we did not get to ski as Mt Hutt was closed for several days. We did not want to take the risk of going on Wednesday in case we get stuck at Mt Hutt and could not get back to Christchurch for the flight. We even forgo Hanmer Spring because we weren't sure if the road were sufficient cleared for a normal sedan car to pass through. Not sure if there is power there also as so many places did not have power due to the heavy snowfall. Too risky. Next time maybe. And in Summer :)

Yes, this is indeed a very memorable holiday that few people can boost off. I have attached a photo of your car almost completely covered in thick snow.
Victor & Serene, Jun 06

…We had an enjoyable trip with the Mazda Capella/626 and till today we missed ‘our’ white car.
Emily, Jul 06

…It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks to all your tips. The fish and chips (you recommended) on the first day was wonderful! We drove up to Mount Hutt (all the way to the Ski Resort) and had a terrific time playing with the snow; the prime reason we brought the kids there. I was glad that you gave us the snow chain, which I had to put on to reach the resort

We had no problem with the MPV at all. Our only problem was not having more days to drive it around. Look forward to being there again
Shaiful, Jun 06, MALAYSIA

…We were impressed with the detailed response to our enquiry for renting a 8 seater MPV, automatic…
Joan, Jun 06, New Jersey, USA

…Thank you for the car – it ran well. Thought we may have had to use the snow chains – but we made it okay.
Nola & Kathy, May 06, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you for taking such good care of us. We appreciate your helpful and friendly service -- and the van was perfect for our needs. We hope to return to the beautiful south island, and wish you all the best.
Thanks again,
Lisa and Scott, Apr 06, San Diego, California, USA

…We arrived home safely and boy! are we exhausted!! We had a great trip and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Yes, we bought the section in North Canterbury and thank you for your good wishes. When we return for good, we will email you and rent a car until we buy one.
The car served us well and thank you again!
Pat and Bob Rossiter, Apr 06, Arizona, USA

…Had a great two weeks.

The car went well and as usual we appreciated your attentive and caring service.
Our best wishes,
Graeme & Larry, Apr 06, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you very much for your hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay in Christchurch, and really liked your car!
Best Regards and Cheers,
Takumi, Apr 06, JAPAN

…You have been very helpful to us. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. We had great time in Christchurch and looking forward for another wonderful holiday in New Zealand. Can we still rent out your car and drive all the way to North Island? We thought of doing so in early November.
Asiah, Apr 06

…Hi Teddy, an excellent hire car yet again from you with the Rav4 running very well and your many accessory kindnesses to us many miles from home much appreciated! I'll certainly be back next summer again. I hope your successful business continues to prosper as it rightly is entitled to do with you at the wheel with the personal touch.
Best Wishes
Noel Morrissy (in Melbourne with the grandchildren at the moment).
Apr 06, Perth, AUSTRALIA

…We covered quite a few miles during our stay and the car was at all times faultless and a pleasure to drive.

We would like you to know how much we appreciated your efficiency and courtesy which was quite outstanding throughout the rental procedure. We have used other rental firms in the past but after our recent experience with Anzed, we would now go nowhere else. You are in a class of your own.

Our return journey to the UK was reasonably good as these long flights go but we wish beautiful New Zealand was a little closer! Nevertheless, we are looking forward to our next visit in March 2008 and will be in touch with you in due course.

We send you our warm wishes for a successful year - you certainly deserve it.
Denzil & Diana Beard, Mar 06, Christchurch, UNITED KINGDOM

…We had a wonderful vacation n my three children loves the weather there though its cold. Thanks so much for your guidance, I will definitely recommend to my colleagues of yr car rental. Hope to see u again in future. Many tks frm us in Singapore.
Azmizah, Mar 06, SINGAPORE

…Hope everything all present and correct.

The esky and phone were worth their weight in GOLD! Used recharge card you gave us but still a good bit of credit left.

No problems with car – although somewhat dirty now. (sorry…)

We had a MAGIC Holiday
Many thanks
Sue & John Double, Mar 06, Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

…thanks very much for the fantastic service, we'll definitely use your company again when we are in Christchurch in the future
Kind regards
Emma and James, Mar 06, New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND

…Our pleasant meeting was a great way to kick-start our utterly enjoyable time in NZ. The car was great - engine was very stable and smooth, handling was great as to be expected from a Mazda. Going uphill did prove a challenge though, but I guess that's to be expected with a full load of 4 passengers and luggage in tow...

…if I should ever have any acquaintances going over to NZ, you'll be the first of my recommendations for car rentals!

Warmest Regards,
Justin, Mar 06, SINGAPORE

…We have to thank you for our wonderful trip in NZ. Your car served us well and I must say my son, Justin, is a fabulous driver.

It was truly an enjoyable holiday that would not be easily forgotten. Take care and we will always remember you when we have friends that would need such a service.

Take care and all the best to you and all at Anzed Car Rentals for the remainder of 2006.
Best regards,
Mabel Foo, Executive Secretary,

...My wife and daughter send their kindest regards to you and all at Anzed Rental. The car served us well and we really enjoyed our holiday in CHC. Hopefully, we will be there again and this time we have to book two cars from you.
Kind Regards
Ghazali Said, Mar 06

…We just got back to Canada on Sunday after a wonderful 5 weeks in NZ.

We thought you car rental was excellent and will see you again if we visit South Island and recommend you to friends who may be renting in Christchurch.

Though it seemed a small thing initially, the second car key turned out to be a huge convenience for us. Linda and I each kept one so we weren't dependent on each other to go back to the car or get into the boot any time. Though we never accidentally left a key in the car we met a couple in Nelson who had done just that with their rental car and had to wait for a duplicate to be delivered from Christchurch! It was also very helpful to have the cell phone. We didn't use it much, but when we did need it, it was there. These are ways you effectively distinguished yourselves from the major rental firms though initially the price was, of course, the main factor. Your well travelled car did everything we needed.

Chris, Mar 06, CANADA
PS. We told Alvin at the Alglenn Motel how pleased we were as he had recommended your firm to us in the first place.

…It's really nice with your help during my stay in Christchurch. Looking forward to see you again. Hopefully for holiday instead of business next time.
Thanks and best regards
T Schemm, Mar 06, TAIWAN

…Thank you so much for sending back the phone charger, will do the same with yours. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

The Rav was excellent and your customer service the absolute best! Will recommend you to all our family and friends that visit Christchurch/NZ and definitely use you again when we come back.

Thank you so much!
Claire and Nick, Mar 06, Oxford, ENGLAND

…We had such a great time in New Zealand - the car was wonderful and we really enjoyed having the CD player. Thanks again!
Katherine Mayer, SOM Class of 2006, Mar 06, Kansas, USA

…We arrived home on Sunday. Norfolk was great, plenty to see and to learn about the islands history. The campervan in the North Island went well, had good weather until we reached the Bay of Islands. A solid day of rain meant we could stop and do nothing but read our books. The camp we stayed at was looking out onto the Haruru Falls. A good spot. We watched as the falls became wider and more powerful.

Thanks again for your all your help. Hopefully we will meet up again; needless to say we will not hesitate in recommending ANZED.
Maree and Ted, Mar 06, W. AUSTRALIA

…We really enjoyed the vehicle and it served us well and was very comfortable and easy to drive. The weather was not as kind as we thought it should be, but however it did not deter us in our travel. We have many lovely photos to show for our visit.

We hope to be back in NZ before too long. Thank you once again for your wonderful service.
Ros and Ian, Mar 06, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…Many thanks for your exceptionally prompt reply. We appreciate the personalized collection & delivery of the two of us!...

Goodnight from a rather chilly Ireland.
John, Mar 06, IRELAND

…we wanted to send you this mail earlier -- but it was virtually impossible to use the satellite internet connection on the ship in Antarctica and none of the hotels or B&B's we stayed at after landing in Tasmania seemed to have wireless connections. However, we are now finally home, and trying to catch up on our e-mails.

We enjoyed meeting you, and were impressed by your car rental operation. It was so much pleasanter than dealing with one of the large impersonal corporations, and we wish more people would realize that. We felt completely confident about the reliability of your vehicle, and we never had any hitch or discomfort.

We wish you the very best of luck and success.

If your travels do ever bring you to our part of the world, we would be delighted to see you again. So, don't throw away our e-mail address! Once again, many thanks for contributing so much to the pleasure of our visit to New Zealand.
All the best!
Arun and Fiona, Mar 06, Washington D.C. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

…thanks for the cooler box you offered. That did help a lot during our trip

…New Zealand did give us a very very good impression. We will love to come visit again after a few years. Will let you know if I need a car then…

.Take good care and enjoy the life in the beautiful country.
Lennon, Feb 06, TAIWAN

…Thank you for providing such excellent and personal service. We rented a RAV4 for 2 weeks this trip (we had used a 22ft motorhome and a van for our other trips to NZ). The RAV4 worked wonderfully for our photography excursions (Glenorchy, Catlins etc), as well as city driving. More importantly, this is the first time in over 30 years of world travel that we wanted to recommend highly a rental car company.

Also for your testimonial page:

"When was the last time you ever shook hands in gratefulness with the person YOU rented a car from? Rent from Anzed Rentals and I think you will also!"

Karen & Butch Cutrell, Feb 06, Arvada, CO USA

…It was nice to meet you and thank you for your service it was excellent.
Kind regards
Sam Allan, Feb 06, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…we had no complaints about the car or the service; we will certainly be in touch if we ever need to rent another car from Christchurch.
Thanks again
Heather and Rene, Feb 06, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

…The car was great and your service was second to none. We will recommend Anzed Car Rentals to anyone coming over to NZ.

We hope to get back there one day.
All the best.
Ben and Michelle, Feb06, Bardon, QLD, AUSTRALIA

…It's always a pleasure to rent from you. Thanks for everything! I intentionally left most of that stuff as I didn't really want to throw it away as it seemed like it could still be useful to someone. It's yours to keep or throw away as you wish. Hope to see you again soon!
Sabrina, Feb 06, New York, USA

…Thanks for the rental and the excellent service you provided!...
Best wishes for the New Year.
Chee Kin and Jeanne, Feb 06, SINGAPORE

…Just a quick note to say thank you for finding the piece of jewellery in the car which my mum and dad hired. My mum was very grateful that you found it and, although it isn't worth anything, it has a lot of sentimental value as it was given to her by her young grandson!

I'd also like to say thank you for providing an excellent service - we'll definitely recommend you to our friends/family who may visit in the future.

Best regards,
Brian Lever, Feb 06, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

…Yeah the car served us very well man...will contact you the next time we are there..

Ram, Feb 06

…It was a pleasure doing business with you and we would recommend your company to our friends.
Sue, Jan 06, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Wow -- thanks, this information is very helpful! We appreciate your prompt, courteous and thorough response to all of our questions. I understand now why you are so highly recommended. We look forward to meeting you in April.
Best regards,
Lisa, Jan 06, San Diego, California, USA

…Trust you found the car ok. I didn't have time to leave a quick note of thanks so here it is!

In the end Louis had to return home early so I and the girls ended up having 3 days to ourselves so we did follow your suggestion and returned to Christchurch via Nelson and Hanmer springs. Had a fab time too! One really cool thing we did in Nelson was to visit the WOW Museum (World of Wearable Art). Fantastic exhibition of wild and wonderful creations. all was in order and see you next time we venture over your way!
Thanks again for your help and very excellent service.
Karen, Jan 06, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…We were extremely happy with the car and the service you gave us. We would definitely approach you again if we are in NZ and I have passed on your details to friends.

best wishes
Associate Professor Glen Bates, Ph.D
Swinburne University of Technology,
Jan 06, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks very much for your many tips and freebies. We definitely will see you again if we are in the South Island again. =)
Have a most prosperous New Year!
Best regards
Ker-Yang, Jan 06

…Thank you again for your kindness and the best service you gave us. We are just arrived back in Italy: our holidays expired in a glimpse, unfortunately. But surely we will remember for long time that the people there was really so kind and helpful with us.

We hope to come back to New Zealand as soon as possible (unfortunately New Zealand is so far from here, but we start today to put some more money in our pocket for that ...) and we will make a call to you again.
Say again hello to you and all your so kind and efficient staff,
Marinella e Giovanni, Jan 06, ITALY

…We had a great time in NZ and having a car really helps.

I think the exterior of the car is in a bad dirty state though coz of the rain, mud and gravels throughout the journey. So sorry abt that.

Thanks again and will definitely recommend u to our friends in Singapore.
Ivy Lam, Jan 06, SINGAPORE

…Thanks. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. My dad, and his friend, is really looking forward to their trip in March. I saw them both this weekend and told them what a great job you did. I hope to get back down to NZ and rent from you again next year.
Have a great year and try to take some time off to enjoy your beautiful country.

…It was a wonderful holiday and this would not happen without your reliable car. Thanks also for your fast, helpful and friendly service.

While we were there, our tour to Mt Cook has been cancelled due to bad weather. In Queenstown. The Shotover Jet was not operating for 3 days because of technical problems. We did not have enough time to visit Dunedin and Kaikoura. So there are a lot of reasons to come back down South someday.

….We'll start saving money now for our second trip to South Island…
Hermans & Metta, Jan 06, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…Appreciate your assistance which has helps to make our trip enjoyable and memorable.
Hongsern, Jan 06

…Thank you for your good service. I will recommend you to my friends.
Best wishes,
David, Jan 06, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you for being so accommodating with the car. It was terrible having to cut our trip short due to my husbands accident, and so early in our holiday!!...

...We will return to NZ one day and I have all of your details and will definitely rent a car from you. About the refund we will split it with the other couple and I will need to get back to you with the 6 missing digits of their credit card….
Thanks again,
Kimberley, Jan 06, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…My family and I had a great time. Thank you for giving us a trouble free car, everything went smoothly. The maps were of great help and also not forgetting the rice cooker( my son really appreciate it).

We will definitely keep you in mind for any further dealings.

May 2006 bring you and your family good tidings and all your wishes be a reality.

…we really appreciate your prompt response to all our enquiries and this is one of the reasons we have chosen to go with your company…
Thanks and regards
Heather, Jan 06, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

…Many thanks for arranging to send back that role of undeveloped film you found in the car. Hope to see you again very soon.
Naresh, Jan 06

….I appreciated the good service, car, and delivery/pickup at the Russley. I won't hesitate to use your service again if I need it - and to recommend to others.
Nelson, Jan 06, AUSTRALIA

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