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2005 Customer Compliments

…Thanks for loaning the SIM card. It served us very well. I have no dispute over the charge of $17.40 for the calls we made.

My special thanks to you for the free-loan of cooler box and rice cooker. They were icing on the cake.

Wishing you and everyone at Anzed Car Rentals a Blessed New Year!
Ee Tat, Dec 05, SINGAPORE

…you had also given us very good personal service. The mobile phone and the rice cooker loaned to us (free of charge) really comes handy. It helped in preparing some home-cooked meals with rice, which the children missed sometimes.

Yes, someday when we return to South Island of New Zealand, we will definitely looked for Anzed car rentals.
Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Mike, Dec 05

…I am back to work today and thanks for all the info while I am in NZ.
Wishing you and family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hamli, Dec 05

…it was great to meet up with someone friendly. Thanks so much for your hospitality…

We really enjoyed our trip, as you had advised, we did not rush, but leave plenty of time to relax, that's why we visit not too many places. But for the little time we have in New Zealand, we do take in quite a bit of sight-seeing and experiences. Fortunately, the weather was very nice and warm, daylight was long.

We will probably return again one day to complete the beautiful sceneries we missed in this trip in NZ, esp. South Island.
Thanks again for being such a great host and have a
MERRY CHRISTMAS and bountiful 2006!
CW Poon, Dec 05

…Our thanks to you again for such excellent service. We will certainly be pushing business your way! We had a truly wonderful time and the rental car served us perfectly.

Warm regards and have a very happy and blessed New Year.
Adrian & Bernadette, Dec 05

…It’s nice to meet you and we are glad to rent the MPV from you.

…your hospitality is hard to forget.
Surely we will keep in touch and on behalf of all my traveling group, I wish you
A Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year.
With best regards
Bee Khim & Richard, Dec 05, SINGAPORE

…Thanks for your help.
We are good to go again at the end of next year – and will contact you beforehand. I may come over sooner – and if so, I will be sure to hire from you again.
Best wishes,
John Will, Dec 05, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Sorry, didn't have the time to say a personal "THANK YOU"
The car we rented from you does a good job for all of us ( no problem - strong "horse" ).

Wishing all of you " A Merry Christmas" and a properous New Year. God bless.
David Lau, Dec 05

...Thanks for all your help. We had a great fishing trip. The RAV was good. Next time we might prefer something a bit longer.
Merry Christmas.
Paul Jolley, Dec 05, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

...Your service is amazing…
Ivy Lam, Dec 05

…Thank you so much and hope to see you again.
Best Regards,
Khomsan, Bangkok, THAILAND

…Thank you for your efficient and helpful service. My mum was particularly pleased with you loaning us the rice cooker, sim card and cooler box. She said she will recommend you to her friends who visit NZ in future.

It's been nice meeting you too.
Wishing you a blessed Christmas in advance.
Miss Chow, Dec05

…We had a great nice time in South Island. As with all good holidays, its always too short!

We must compliment you for the excellent service that you provided in our car rental. Your personal introduction to NZ South Island places and explanation of the unique road traffic rules, especially the "always give way to the right" rule was most helpful.

In all our travels and working/living in New York, London, Switzerland and Hong Kong, we have not come across such truly unique and first class service as we did from you!..

Thank you.
Francis, Dec05

.....thanks. Hope to see you again one day and we will certainly recommend you to any friends we know who are visiting the South Island.

Kind regards,
Barbara and David Skipworth, Dec 05, Carlisle River, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…It makes a huge difference to a holiday when you know that the first thing that greets you when you land is a friendly face, and the kind of great service you always provide! Our thanks for the absolutely trouble-free car and your usual extras. We do hope to see you again soon; in the meantime, we will continue spreading the word to everyone we know who may be heading your way.

You have our best wishes and we'll definitely make a it point to do lunch next time.
Pebble & Weep, Dec 05

…It was a great holiday for us, my sis is so awed by the beautiful sceneries of the South Island. I shared my photos with my colleagues and they were very impressed. We were lucky to have fine weather with us throughout the trip…

…The car served us well, just nice for the 5 of us…

Best regards,
HS, Dec 05, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Our children are planning visits so they may be in touch as well. (they are saving at present)
Kind regards
Howard and Marion, Dec05, Buckinghamshire, UK

…thank you. We would have vacumned the car but we didnt have access to a vacumn cleaner. Thank you for the use of the phone, I have been talking to people over here and you seem to be the only person that has that extra service.

We really did enjoy ourselves over there and we will get back in the not to distant future, next time when its a bit colder.
Thanks again, will be in touch,
Col & Heather Robinson Nov 05 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for the use of the rental car which performed beautifully -- better than I had expected.

Also thanks for the loan of the rice cooker which we managed to use a few times, the free use of the mobile phone which was helpful as we used it to book ahead the desired tours as we were driving to the next city and of course the CD player which our kids wanted to keep them entertained during the long drives between cities in the South Island (most of the time they fell asleep half way in the journey!).

It had been an enjoyable holiday (wished we had more time and money).

I would not hestitate to recommend anyone to use your rental services and if I have another chance to go there again, I will definitely use your service again.

Best wishes and early happy new year.
Mr & Mrs Lim, Nov05 MALAYSIA

…Kay and I would like to say how pleased we were with the car that we rented from you. It was very well presented when we picked it up and apart from the battery which you changed very quickly it was a pleasure to drive.

We would also like to thank you for providing all of the information books, seats, mobile phone etc. Also the time you spent with us explaining everything was really appreciated. We will definitely rent from you again on our next visit to NZ

All the best
Paul and Kay Waite, Nov 05, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Thanks for your email. Yes we knew about the petrol, we were just having such a busy time that we forgot to fill it, so go ahead and put it on the card.
Thanks again
Kind regards
Mary, Nov 05, Perth, WA

…Thanks for yr trusty ride, we had fun. It's been a magical 13 days in the south island.

Thanks also for allowing us to return the car earlier.
Take care & hope we'll meet again soon.
Roy & Suzanne, Nov 05.

…thanks to you for putting up with our problems with flights on Friday.

My parents enjoyed their stay in Christchurch, and appreciated the help you provided.

Look forward to doing business with you again someday.
Sarah Ward, Nov 05, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…thanks very much indeed for all your help. Also, it sure was great to see a familiar face that we could trust.

We certainly do plan on going to Christchurch again, in the very near future....and we would most definitely be in touch again.

Thanks once again for everything.
With the best wishes,
Carissa and Don, Nov 05, California, USA

…June and I enjoyed the use of the car as much as the scenic spots in NZ. It was our 33 anniversary and we are very glad and thankful for the good times, the smooth and safe trip all in. We will certainly look you up the next time we come back and of course tell my folks about your excellent service.

Take care and be happy.
PS, Nov 05

…Thank you for the excellent service. We have had a wonderful time travelling in the South Island. The MPV was new and have no trouble at all throughout the 2,500km driving. The mobile phone SIM card was very useful.

Thanks for the rice cooker as well. Thank you for explaining the traffic rules and the road condition. If we had that simple briefing in our North Island car renting (from another rental car company) we would have avoid a parking fine along the motorway. Will definitely rent from you again if I travel to NZ again.

Best regards
Nov 05, Perak MALAYSIA

…Thanks for your kindness for not charging us for the missing plastic cover. We will definitely use our service again if we are back to NZ.
God bless
Jusanto & Esther, Oct 05

…Thank you for your wonderful service and reliable car.
Hope to see you soon!
Gloria, Oct 05

…Just arrived back, thanks for wonderful service.

We had a great time in the North Island as well. Kids enjoyed the snow, spent all day having snowball fights whilst snowed in at Whakapapa Village, 40cms of snow over night, unbelieveable for Spring.

There's probably a market for car hire out of Wellington, although I'm not sure, Christchurch seems to have more going for it. We ended up with Avis mainly due to finding a company to do one way rental and drop off at Auckland Airport at 4.30am.

I think next time we will probably spend all our time on the south island, have to start saving and hope to see you in a couple of years.
Paul, Sep 05, Gold Coast, QLD, AUSTRALIA

…The car was performing as expected, with not much problems. We hope to have the bigger 4WD for expedition in our next holidays. In any case, you should hear from us next year or sooner…
Max, Sep 05, Auckland NEW ZEALAND.

…The vehicle provided by that Auckland company did not represent good value. The rate was I think about $ 38 per day, which is quite low, however the vehicle was a manual Corolla with 160,000 K and no Air Conditioning.

The pick up and delivery service was fine and the people were friendly.

I'm not sure about the Auckland market in terms of cost and vehicle type, however, I would have preferred to pay a few more dollars for a better vehicle.

All the best, thanks again for your excellent service.
Michael Sep 05, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

…We really had a great time in New Zealand and thanks very much for all your help.

Take care and hope that we will have a chance to meet again...
Julie Tan, Sep 05 SINGAPORE

Thanks, We had a great time!
The Edwards, Sep 05, Highfield, AUSTRALIA

…Just arrived home in Mooloolaba. Hope you found the car okay? It went very well and we looked after it apart from leaving it very dirty (sorry). I'll make sure to contact you next time

Thanks for the friendly efficient service.

..Thank you for your excellent service. The trip to NZ this time was better than the last time. We sure hope we can do it again and spend more time in South Island the next time around. Perhaps we can plan to go to Mount Cook and Milford Sound next.

Till then do keep in touch.
Best Regards
Safian/Nurul, Aug 05, Selangor, MALAYSIA

Thanks…Looking forward to my next trip…
Cheers mate,
Don, Aug 05, Calgary, CANADA

…Thank you for letting me know that car was tidy enough and that you had no problems picking it up from Airport. I enjoyed meeting you again. Thank you VERY much for waiting for us the night we came in. After such a long, challenging and unexpected set of flights to get to Christchurch it was very nice to have the car available. Your kindness put my whole trip back on track. My conference presentation went well the next morning. I was pretty tired by the afternoon, so I’m glad I had a morning timeslot. My NZ family are all well and it was great to catch up with them. My son Eric really enjoyed the skiing. We didn’t mind that there was less snow than usual because there was a LOT more snow than we get in W.A! Our return trip to WA went smoothly, taking 10 hours instead of the 25 hours it took to get to NZ!

Thank you very much for your outstanding service and good cheer. I will continue to thoroughly recommend you to all my friends here.

Kind Regards,
David. Aug 05, San Remo, WA, AUSTRALIA

Thanks. Will see you again soon.
S Lock, Aug05, Ormiston, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Thanks..Much appreciated..
Justin & Melissa, Aug 05, Narangba, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Thank you for the car. It all went well ... thanks. I am sorry that I couldn't clean it before we left. Will see you next time.
Best wishes
Dr Stephen & Aruni, Aug 05, QLD, AUSTRALIA

…3 years ago we went to NZ for our holiday and we rent your Sedan 1.6L.

We enjoyed ourselves and we were pleased with the condition of the car. We will be returning back to NZ this September. This time we have a bigger group (4 adults and 1 infant)

We have some queries…

Thank you and Regards
Mohammad Ali and Juriffah, Aug 05, Singapore

Thanks Teddy. We were happy with the Rav and will be back again. Do you do rentals out of Queenstown as well? What about one way... ChCh to Queenstown?

Also how many Kms did we do out of interest?...

Peter, Aug 05, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

…A pleasure as usual. Thanks. Will call again whenever we go to South Island next.
Terry, Jul 05, East Devonport, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks. Always a pleasure to deal with you. When we work out the dates for next year we will let you know.
Kind regards
Alan, Jul 05, Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND

…We had such a wonderful holiday and the car was fantastic - couldn't believe we all fitted in along with the luggage and still had room to move! It was such a shame about the damage to bumper ….glad it is all under control now though.

Our holiday was well needed and very well enjoyed and your help upon our arrival got it off to a good start.

We will see you within the next couple of years I reckon! Regards,
Rebekah, Jul 05, WA, AUSTRALIA

…thank you for all the help getting us not only on the road but also in easy communication by mobile. The MPV was exactly what we needed for moving our crowd.

We will need another one at Christmas time but will probably need to hire centre to centre as we are starting in Christchurch and ending in Auckland…

Jane, Jul 05, West Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…we have to thank you for the superb car. It was really a smooth ride- we enjoyed the trip partly because of the comfortable car on the long uninhabitated roads! Just to add on- while we were contemplating between choosing a cheaper car rental company and yours- I am glad we chose you-as your car is new and didn't give us any trouble throughtout the 2,500 kms ride. What more..the car came included with rice cooker :-)

And, well - I am already your spokesman (and South Island's spokesman too!) in my office and will pass your contact to anyone who is interested.

Ashwyn Singhal, Jun 05, Loyalty Marketing Exec (Business Partnerships), Singapore Airlines Ltd

…All went well in renting the car and I have a friend you will also rent from you. In regard to the spare key, unfortunately we lost the key. Lucky for us you had the foresight to provide us with a spare key otherwise we would have been in a real problem. I have no problem with you debiting my card for an extra $10.00

Kind regards
Donaldson, Jun 05, Gold Coast, QLD, AUSTRALIA

…We've enjoyed ourselves touring the South Island and it is definitely a hassle free trip with renting such a sturdy and reliable car from you!

The only regret is the damage to the windscreen which we'll definitely get it covered by insurance the next time round!
Thanks lots,
Caroline & Kin Chong, Jun 05

…We are glad that we chose the 4WD instead of a Camry. I will miss the feeling of driving a 4WD….

Many thanks for the excellent service. Regards,
Alfred, May 05

…It was very nice meeting you too, and learning from you first hand about various attractions in NZ and life there. Thanks for the good rate on the car too -- it was reliable and took us around very well!

We will definitely be back in NZ to explore some more. It is a beautiful country.

Let us know when you come to Singapore, and we will be glad to meet up. In the meantime, do take care, and all the best for the business. If we hear of any friends going to South Island, we will send them you way....

God bless,
Cecilia, May 05, SINGAPORE

…We found the car very satisfactory for our needs, very comfortable and very roomy. We managed to become very familiar with the 'right hand' rule and had no problems. We found the roads extremely good and very well sign-posted. It was a bonus to have the mobile phone even though we did not make many calls, we were able to be contacted by friends and family. Many thanks.

Hope that we can use your services again sometime. I will recommend your company next time I hear of someone wanting to hire a car to travel in the South Island.

Many thanks
June Rowe, May 05, Neutral Bay, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for helping out! We made it safely back to Tokyo, arrived an hour ago.
All the best to you, and see you next time!
Kind regards
Karl-Heinz Isleif, May 05, JAPAN

…It was a pleasure to do business with you - we look forward to coming and seeing you again next time we make a trip to the South Island.
Best wishes
Tony & Judy, May05, Mornington, VIC, AUSTRALIA

…Many thanks for all your help and thank you for the kind email. It was a pleasure to deal with you, and we will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.

I have already given your card to a friend, who anticipates travelling to New Zealand in the near future.

Kind regards
Jan and Joyce, May 05, Wellington Point, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…It was great to have taken up your rental car service.

The trip was wonderful and especially so to be greeted…on the first day in a foreign land. You gave us great assurance to a good start with those tips.

All the best to you too and hope to return soon. Cheers!
Kian, May 05

...Here are some of the photo's of the boy's shoot. The fishy ones will come next.

Alan and I are already planning our next holiday.......looks like it will be for next April.

No kids this time and we hope to come over for longer 3-4 weeks...Any helpful information and ideas from you would be welcomed….Still early days yet but we are mad keen.

Once again thank you for your outstanding service and friendliness......Jarrad even made comment that you were a "good bloke"!!!!!!!! Take care Teddy
Esther and Alan, May 05, Mandurah, WA, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks. The car was great and we appreciated your friendly service. We look forward to seeing you again. Regards
Eamonn, Apr05, Peterborough, ENGLAND

…we rented a car from you last year. May I try again this year, please..
Karl-Heinz Isleif, Apr 05

..We are safely back here and enjoyed our holiday in both the North and South Islands.

Thank you for your assistance. My friend, Jin Peng who rented your car too is also back in KL; in fact we met in the transit lounge in Singapore yesterday evening just before boarding the connecting MAS flight home.

Have a pleasant long weekend.
Martin & Soak Tai, Apr 05, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

…Many thanks for the follow up and yes, the car did serve us well. Our stay in Auckland went well as we were able to catch up with our friends who live there, also the weather stayed fine for us.

It is certainly our intention to return to NZ sometime in the future so I am sure that we shall be in contact again, I will also pass on your companies name to others who I come in contact with…

Best regards
Les and Diane, Apr 05, 2 Brits in BRUNEI

…Had a great trip. The car ran perfectly. See you again in a couple of years. Cheers,
Don, Apr 05 Calgary, CANADA

…just read your e-mail while we're waiting in Singapore. The car was great, and we will be very happy to use you again when we come back and do the rest of South Island. Thanks for your advice and assistance.
Jane and John,Apr 05, Evesham, Worcs, UK

…we enjoyed touring your beautiful country
Claude, Apr 05, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

…I am back and at work. The trip back was uneventful - always a good thing. As usual I fell in love with 4 Singapore Air cabin attendants. It is probably the dresses, but I always seem to be falling in love on every Singapore flight.

The RAV was fine and had everything I needed… Best
Gary, Apr 05, Maryland, USA

…Thanks again for your hospitality, will certainly called you the next time my family and friends are planning a trip there. cheers.
David, Apr 05, Cherrybrook, NSW AUSTRALIA

…we will tell all our friends and family about you, for sure. Thank you for the great organized service and good little car that you provided.

It was nice to meet you too and I am sure we will be back again.
Trudie, Apr 05, Shailer Park, Qld, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for the car rental too. It is a pleasure to chat with you about NZ. I like that country. My father may consider travelling to NZ. He is still thinking about it now. Of course if he needs a car, I will recommend you. Have a nice day.

Choon Lang Apr 05

…My daughter was planning a trip to NZ (Christchurch) in September. I suggested your company, as I was very happy with the service your company provided when I rented a car from you in Nov 2002…
R Sanderson Apr 05

…Thank you again for all your help, especially with the loan of the rice cooker, we were very impressed!

We would recommend you to anyone travelling to Christchurch for a car rental. Thanks again,
Jane and Brian Gum, Mar 05, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Hello there, how are you?

We've got back to Japan on 28th Mar. Though it's been only 5days, we want to go to NZ again!

We could start our trip from your hospitality and the nice car. We travelled LakeTekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown, TeAnau, Dunedin and Oamaru. There were so many beautiful views. They deeply impress us every day.

I think they are very friendly to the travelers in NZ.

We thanks very much to you and NZ. See you again.
Tomomi & Masaru Miyazono, Apr 05, JAPAN

…We had a great time here in New Zealand. Car was great…
Jim & Julie, Mar 05, Dunns Creek, NSW AUSTRALIA

…We were very happy with the car, and especially the service. We will certainly contact you the next time we need a car in the SI. Spare key hasn't surfaced yet - will forward if it turns up.

Thanks again.
David, Mar 05, Remuera, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…it was a pleasure to deal with you also. I had a great run with your vehicle which was very clean and tidy and I will not hesitate using your company and services again which I would highly recommend to anybody else in the future.

B. Lithgow, Mar 05, Florida, USA

…Thanks for the email and understanding words. It was a pleasure dealing with you too and experiencing your patience and understanding around the situation.

I will contact the insurance company and find out if this info is sufficient for a possible claim.

I will get back to you if I need something posted instead of emailed. Talk to you soon
Kind regards,
Samantha, Mar 05, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

…we returned safely home and really enjoyed the time in NZ. We were also happy with the service and the car provided by you. Smooth and easy.

Thanks again and all the best from China,
Markus and Karina, Mar 05, Germans in CHINA

…It was indeed a great journey (2620 Kilometres) travelling in your automatic transmission Toyota. Will definitely look for you and I will keep this e-mail to get better discount in future :-)

Thank you and may your business prosper. Rgds,
Peng Guan, Mar 05, SINGAPORE

…Thanks for sending us to the airport. There was a slight delay because our plane left half-an-hour late but we got into Auckland in good time, no more than 15 minutes behind schedule, probably because the pilot made up for lost time.

The car was in good condition and I enjoyed driving it. My wife and I are very appreciative of your good service. Thanks and best regards,
Nyuk Siong, Mar 05, SINGAPORE

…We certainly enjoyed our holiday and were all delighted with your cars and your excellent service. You will certainly be seeing us again though I fear for Dave and Judy it was probably a 'one off'.

It has been a bit of a shock coming back home as we have had one of the coldest winters for some years and even had snow sufficient to disrupt traffic just last week, which is most unusual. We have moved a 2 miles out of Ely. One of the photos is from our front door and the other is of our Village Green.

Looking forward to seeing you again in 2007, All the best,
Granville Wesson, Mar 05, Ely, UK

…It was good to talk to you today. Thank you again. See you next year. Best regards,
R. Parker, Mar 05, JAPAN & USA

…Thanks for your mssg and the first class service we received from you. It was a great welcome to New Zealand and if/when we go back to the South Island, you will be our first stop.

kind regards
Margaret & Jim Smith, Mar 05, AUSTRALIA

…We look forward to seeing you again and trust that all will go well with your business and the aid you provide to tourists there.
Richard, Mar 05, Whangarei, NEW ZEALAND

…We were very pleased with the Toyota Estima. We would certainly recommend you to others and will come back to you when we return to New Zealand.

Thank you.
Chrissie & all, Feb 05, Cambridge, ENGLAND

…We enjoyed ourselves very much and the car was clean and comfortable (apart from one seagull that did something naughty on the car!).

I certainly hope to be back in the not too distant future, and will be pleased to use you again. regards,
Rob Turner Feb 05, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for your nice e-mail and yes it would be great if you could send those keys back to us. Car served us very well and had no problems with it. Thanks again and see you soon…Cheers,
Jan, Feb 05, Stirling, Canberra, AUSTRALIA

…thanks for providing us with such a good service and we certainly hope we will come back one day....we thoroughly enjoyed being in NZ
Sonia, Feb 05, St Albans, UNITED KINGDOM

…many thanks for the nice car we had during our visit. We were able to see so much more of new zealand being able to travel around. Steve's mum and dad are looking forward to their visit. Julie's sister and husband will be there in April.

Don't work to hard. regards.
Ann and Mic, Feb 05, Blyth, UNITED KINGDOM

…We arrived home safely. It has been a pleasant break for the two of us. Please call us whenever you are in Singapore or Malacca. It will be lovely to meet again.

Keep well and God Bless you and the family always,
Michael & Mersie Feb 05, Malacca, MALAYSIA

….Thanks. We enjoyed the visit -the car was fine and we will contact you when we return Thank you
David, Feb 05. A brit in Bangkok THAILAND

…John and Dane said everything went well, the car was great, the service great and very friendly. So, if we do come to NZ again, which is very possible as it is such a lovely place, we will definitely use your car hire again and we will also pass on our name to any of our friends who may require car hire in NZ.

Thank you,
Judi, Feb 05, Newport, AUSTRALIA

…We do enjoy NZ very much and same goes for the car (sorry for the bugs). We will be back again to try some flying and also for some 4WD action. Hope to be back again soon, probably during winter season

Thx so much
Jz and Sophia, Feb 05, HONG KONG

…We had a great time and the van served the purpose well. I'll certainly come back again next time I need a car on the South Island. I want to do some mountain flying training so as far as I am concerned the sooner the better.

Terry, Feb 05, East Devonport, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

…I wondered where those reading glasses went--not to worry, they are about a 1.5 or a 2.0 so if anyone there can use them feel free. It is not worth sending them back to us. We enjoyed touring New Zealand and would recommend you to others looking for reasonable car rental.

Colleen, Feb 05, Burns Lake, CANADA

…It was a pleasure to meet you as well. The South island is definitely a change from the hectic Chinese New Year schedule here in Singapore. Christchurch is indeed beautiful and you are the envy of us Singaporeans back in our crowded concrete jungle. We will be back soon as we will be doing the Franz Josef glacier trek next.

Best regards
Chris, Feb 05, SINGAPORE

…Because the service and the car you provide is so wonderful, it will be my great honor writing a compliment to recommend your company to the others.

"…It was a wonderful trip experience while driving in New Zealand. When I was hesitant to make the decision choosing a reliable car rental company on the internet, I found Anzed Rentals. The web enquiry e-mails were answered quickly and precisely. Teddy is a thoughtful person for his customers and always provides useful information. If you like rice, don't forget to bring a rice cooker with you during the trip. It is provided by the company free.

The car we take was also in a good condition and as new inside and outside. We are completely satisfied with the services of his company. No doubt we will certainly recommend it to our friends and return to visit the Anzed again. Teddy, thanks again."

Thanks again and we also invite you coming to Taiwan and visit us. Happy New Year
Mr. Chen, Feb 05, Tainan, TAIWAN

…Thanks again. Your excellent service is very much appreciated. See you next month Best regards
Nyuk Siong, Feb 05

…You may not remember me. I was with Gary Yeo in New Zealand last year Dec 2003 and we enjoy your Estima very much. So was the trip.

Wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year. Best regards
Chuan Leong, Jan 05, SINGAPORE

…we very much enjoyed our trip around the South Island and knowing that we had a reliable vehicle makes it less stressful.

If we return I will definitely rent a car from you and I will recommend you to our friends. Thanks
Jim Wilson, Jan 05, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Many thanks for giving us a good car. I enjoyed the drive immensely. No worries.
A clean car makes for safer driving.
Phua, Jan 05, SINGAPORE

…Thank you very very much for your hospitality. We are very lucky to see you and rent your car.

Next time, We would like to rent your car again.
Best regards
Mitsunori and Yoshiko , Jan 05, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

…Really nice to meet you in person. Hope to see you again one fine day. NZ is beautiful! Cheers.
Jeff, Jan 05

…It was a pleasure renting from Anzed. I do hope to return to NZ for another visit…
S.T.Fong, Jan 05, Chicago, IL, USA

…Thank you… I will look you up the next time I need a car in New Zealand.
J. Dow, Jan 05, Toronto, CANADA

…Your service is truly outstanding, we didn't expect such a high quality and thoughtful services until we met you!

We will definitely recommend you to our friends and will rent from you again next time we visit New Zealand.

All the best wishes to you and family.
Frank & Anita, Jan 05, Warrawee, NSW, AUSTRALIA

….Thank you for your excellent service with our rental car from November to December. When we return to New Zealand (maybe next year) we'll do business with you again. If you change locations or address please let us know.

Our best to you and your family for the new year. Thanks,
Charles and Sally Robinette, Jan 05, Knoxville, TN, USA

…I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone who was looking for a car to rent in NZ. Arrived back in Melbourne to 31 degrees around 9pm - a bit of a shock after NZ - then Wednesday was 38 degrees - thank goodness for air conditioning!

Virginia, Jan 05, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

…many thanks from Singapore. All the best for the New Year!
Warm regards
David, Karen, Michelle and Nathanael Jan 05, SINGAPORE

… thanks for letting us use your car. You live in a beautiful country. Hope to make it back that way again.
Fred, Jan 05, Redondo Beach, California, USA

…we arrived back safely but tired after an early start! The car was great and it now seems very strange driving my own. We all loved NZ and the weather in Queenstown is def better than in Christchurch!!

Will be in touch next time we come over!
Amanda, Jan 05, Davison, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for good car!! Great New Zealand. See you again.
Masaru Takeuchi, Jan 05, Saitama, JAPAN

…we found your service to be first class and will tell our friends to use your company if they venture over to N.Z. Sorry to hear that the girl who hit our rental car is being difficult, lets hope no more comes of it, if it does, please let us know.

Hope you have a healthy and prosperous New Year.
Colin & Nancye Hampton, Jan 05, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…thanks for the note. We will come back to you. Thanks for the great personal service. Rgds

…We actually bought a house in MT Pleasant so i suspect we'll be back!…
Dottie, Jan 05, Carlisle, USA

…we actually had a great time and would love to extend our days in nz the next time round. Hope to meet u again…cheers
Sham, Jan 05

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