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2004 Customer Compliments

…We hope your 2005 goes well.

We found the recharge lead for the mobile phone after we took the car back to you - we left it at the Airport Motel office with your name on it
See you again some time.
B Gretton, Dec 04, WA, AUSTRALIA

…It is also a pleasure for us to meet up with you in Christchurch and we are very appreciative of the kind hospitality that you had extended to my family. The rental car works fine and we are also very glad to have the rice cooker and cooler box that came in very handy. In all, we have enjoyed the holiday tremendously…
Take care and God Bless.
Mui, Dec 04

… Thank you for your help during our trip.
Jason Lee, Dec 04

…thanks for your excellent service when we were in New Zealand. We will definitely recommend Anzed Rental Cars to our friends who are visiting NZ in the near future. Having come back for more than 1 week, Jeremy & I are already missing our days in NZ & that 1.3L Hatch-back Toyota Corolla!
Merry X'mas & a prosperous New Year 2005!
Warmest regards,
Jessie & Jeremy, Dec 04

… A smooth journey back to the UK. We very much appreciated your thorough but friendly care you offered us when hiring the car whilst in NZ. No doubt you will hear from us again in the future.
Best wishes for 2005
Diana and John, Dec 04, Exeter, UK

…yes we are safely back in Singapore. It felt good to be back home even though we had a fantastic time in NZ. Hope that you and your family will have a great Christmas and a happy new year.
Cheryl, Dec 04, SINGAPORE

..time flies and I am now back to work. Just want to thank you for your patience and time giving me so much info and help. I had a wonderful holiday and a bit scary at times. In my rush yesterday, forgot to snap a picture with you…

If I do come to CHC again, I will definitely rent one of your cars. Will also recommend to my friends. Take care and seasons greetings!
Best regards
Nancy and family, Dec 04

…We are interested in booking a hatchback 1.3L with you for touring around S.Island ...our friends spoke very highly of you!

We would want to commence the hire on 1st Feb 2005 approx 14.00 from Christchurch airport and then return the car 16th Feb 2005 approx 18.00 …
Thanks v much!
Sonia, Dec 04, St Albans, UNITED KINGDOM

…We enjoyed our holiday very much! The whole family love the South Island of New Zealand! I would like to thank you for your warm hospitality and all the help that you have given us. All the advice and the road maps really come in handy.

We will definitely be coming back for another holiday in NZ! Anzed Car Rentals will definitely be our No. 1 choice! We will also recommend our friends to Anzed Car Rentals.

Thank you again for the station wagon and all the maps!
Best Regards,
Willie Yeo & Lee Ling, Dec 04, SINGAPORE

…We're Pietro and Fabio, the fly fishermen from Italy, do you remember? We had rent a Toyota RAV4 last year for a month.

Good news, we're coming in NZ again. We will be in Christchurch in February We want the same 4x4 car ,like a Toyota RAV4 or similar, from….
Pietro & Fabio, Dec 04, ITALY

…We had a great time and many thanks for putting in the extra effort when we lost our baggage. Much appreciated.

I have a friend who will be going to the south island in Dec and I have already passed him your contact number. His name is Dr Lai. Hope you hear from him.

From my more than satisfied report, a few more friends will also be doing New Zealand next year. Will be passing your contact to them.
Thanks once again.
Susan, Dec 04, Ipoh, Perak, MALAYSIA

…Thank you for providing such a good service and I will recommend you/your company to others!
Sharon, Dec 04, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

...Yesterday, I went to your website & read all the testimonials. Indeed, you have exceeded your customer service level compared to so many other companies. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

…Geoff is planning our next year's trip to Auckland in March, and we are wondering whether you can recommend a reliable car rental business to us. You have had given us great confidence to look outside the Avis & Hertz Car Rentals.
Have a great day.
Margaret & Geoff, Dec 04, Sydney, Australia

…When you're onto a good thing.... you want to do it again. Really appreciated your attention to detail in making our previous visit to the magical South Island free of 'car rental' stresses. So we're coming back next April, and are, naturally wanting to rent from you again!

We would want 14 days from…
Many thanks and look forward to seeing you again.
Larry Wheat, Dec 04, AUSTRALIA

…You are just amazing my friend!!! Are you sure that you are being fair to yourself? Please do not short-change yourself. We would be willing to pay the entire amount if needs be.

You are an amazing ambassador for your company and your country! Thank you so much for your hospitality and help! You made our New Zealand experience even more wonderful than it already was!!! Blessings on you, your family and your business Teddy! Your friends,
Van & Joyce Pewthers, Nov 04, California, USA

…Thanks for the note -- a pleasant reminder of our trip and the nice people in New Zealand. We got home last night (at the end of our double Saturday) around midnight, thanks to a flight glitch in Los Angeles. Around 32 hours from the time we left Christchurch.

We had a great time and your van certainly contributed to that.
Thanks again,
Bill, Nov04, Kent, WA, USA

Thanks for your mail. It is nice to meet you too. We appreciated for your excellence services provided. We will recommend friends who are planning to go there because we know that it is worth to do so.

Hope to see you again.
Best regards
Casey, Ms Lee & Mr Ng, Nov 04

Thanks for all the maps and guidance.
Emiechel, Nov 04

Thanks, we truly enjoyed our experience in New Zealand over the past week. Anzed Rental Cars would definitely come to our minds for any friends looking for a car rental in Christchurch next time.
Chuan Ming, Nov 04

G'day there Teddy, Just wanted to say thank you… We had the most fantastic holiday, you have a beautiful country. The service you gave us was 110%, your friendliness and helpfulness meant so much to us. We had had a holiday in Tasmania last year which gave us stress...only in the hire car department. Three cars and 5 breakdowns in 3 weeks of holiday. It made us just very wary of hire car companies.

Your fridge magnet takes pride on our fridge ready for the next trip over!!!!! Believe me it won't be too long a wait!!

Keep up the good service.
Take care and look after yourself,
Esther and Alan. Oct 04, Mandurah, WA, AUSTRALIA

…It's a good car and has indeed served us well. Thanks for the excellent customer service, and rest assured, you'd be highly recommended to our friends who plan to visit CHC in the future.

We look forward to return to NZ ... maybe a few years later, after we've covered other countries :-) ... or if we strike lottery early, we might just buy a place in the Catlins to retire!
Angeline & Sven, Oct 04, SINGAPORE & GERMANY

…Yes we had a long but nice ride back here…

I hope I'll get a chance to go back to NZ but I don't think it will be any time soon. I wish you the best of luck and will recommend you to anyone who goes there.
Itamar, Oct 04, ISRAEL

…We have enjoyed our trip immensely, and your service was wonderful. If we are ever down in Christchurch in need of transport we will give you a call, and recommend you to our friends.
Many Thanks,
Amanda and Family. Oct 04, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…thanks so much for all the help u have given us. We really enjoyed our stay in nz very much.......the RAV4 has also served us very well..........we will definitely keep u in mind if we have friends going over to the south and need a rental car........

till then, take care and we hope to see u again in the south........
Vincent & Poh Choo, Oct 04, SINGAPORE

Thanks for your friendly service… God Bless
C Purnell, Oct 04, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for your invaluable help while we were in Christchurch. I am more than happy to incur a cost of up to, say, $10 to post the antenna that I left in the rental car back to me. If it will be more than this please let me know. Thanks again,
Jessica, Oct 04, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…like to thank you for all the assistance that you have provided. It is a real pleasure to rent a car from you. We visited the places that you recommended and we are really glad we took your advice.
All the best in your future endeavours
Chern, Sep 04.

…We have already started to spread news about us meeting you in CHC. I ought to have gotten some of your name cards and stuff to distribute around here.

Then again, there are quite a number of my colleagues who have rented from you so I guess they have done the publicity already…
Andrew, Sep 04, SINGAPORE

…Thank you Teddy… We could not have enjoyed a better service.
Ron & Carol, Sep 04, Bull Creek, WA, AUSTRALIA

…when any of our relatives come over to stay you will be there first port of call for a rental car
Steve, Sep 04, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

…I have left the vehicle in the rental car section near the Police Station…

Many thanks for the excellent service.

We may be back in October, I will contact you if this eventuates.
Kind Regards
Craig, Aug 04, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

…thanks once again for your great service - lovely car and great to be picked up and taken to the airport.
Hope to see you again next year,
Jenny, Aug 04, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

…Thanks again for your advice and information while we were there. It was really good of you to even explain the traffic rules to us of NZ. We were talking to one couple from US who was completely lost on what they should do when they drive in NZ thus I think what you have done for us was definitely a service that we appreciated.

Once again, thanks for everything (incl. all the maps) We will definitely recommend our friends to you if any of them goes there! rgds
Andrea & Derrick, Aug 04

…We are now safely home and re-united with Barney and Chloe (our pets), who are pleased to be back enjoying their home comforts. We have guests tonight and Barney is presently stretched out in front of the Coonara heater in their sitting room where they are watching a DVD.

It is certainly our intention to return some time as we'd like to explore both the west coast and the far south. Besides, we are yet to see the albatross nesting site or the yellow eyed penguins on the Otago Peninsula thanks to that unexpected snow fall during our visit. As we flew out we could see thick snow on all the central mountains right over to the west coast.

Here's to a fully booked summer season for you too and many thanks for your excellent service.
Margaret and Alan Morgan, Aug 04
Sheoaks on Freycinet B&B,
Coles Bay, Tasmania, 7215, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you. It was a real pleasure meeting you and we hope that our paths will cross again. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the South Island which was made all the more enjoyable by touring in a comfortable, good quality vehicle. Our friends thought we were a bit "flash" when we turned up in the 4x4 but they couldn't believe the price we paid.

Once again, thank you.
Kind regards
Ian & Charlotte, Aug 04, Brits in Bangkok, THAILAND.

…Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance. You were most helpful and I will be sure to recommend Anzed Rental Cars to others.
Kind Regards
Melissa and Gavin de Largie, Aug 04, WA, AUSTRALIA

…We had a great trip back, although we are still a bit groggy. I only wish we could come down again soon, but it looks like at least a few years away. When we do come down though, you can expect that we will once again be looking to you for a good reliable auto.
Thanks for everything, especially the ride to the airport in that downpour.
Best regards,
Edward Shackelford, Aug 04, Virginia, USA

…Your service has been fantastic
Rod, Jul 04, Melbourne, VIC, AUSTRALIA

…Yes. the car was great, we'll definitely be using you again if we come to NZ.
Dan and Nancy, Jul 04, Thailand & UNITED KINGDOM

…Thanks for all your help. The 4WD was great and having our own car for a week was a great sense of freedom. If we come back to New Zealand you will definitely hear from us.

Tanya and Emily, Jul 04, Wisconsin, USA

…Appreciate your help & we definitely hope to visit Christchurch and you again…
Shu Wei, Jul 04

…Thank you for all your assistance with our car hire. The Nissan was a great little car and we had a wonderful time in New Zealand. We do have the spare key, but as I had only corresponded with you via email I did not have an address to forward it back too! I will post this to you on Wednesday and the petrol charge is fine.

Once again thank you for all your help and I hope to visit New Zealand again one day.
Kind Regards
Amanda Woods

…Thank you for the well maintained vehicle. We travelled without any hitch.

We are back safely in S'pore. The flight last Sunday was filled with non stop air turbulence from Christchurch to Batam but the pilot handled it superbly and the SIA cabin crew serving our row were fantastic. They did their job with courtesy and smile…

I will recommend your company to my colleagues and friends and will definitely call you if I go to Christchurch again.
Best regards
Idros, Jun 04, SINGAPORE

… The car went fine. I will leave it Wednesday morning in the airport parking lot. Did not use the mobile phone, it will be in trunk…
Great service.
Richard Peet, Jun 04, Leominster, MA, USA

…Sorry about the windscreen... If the rental agreement says that I have to pay the damages, then it is not appropriate that your company should bear the total cost of the damage. But, I thank you for your generosity.

However you still have my card number. You are welcome to bill me the total amount or partial amount 50/50% . I leave it to you to decide. Our holiday was wonderful. See you again sometime.
Murthy, Jun 04, SINGAPORE

…If I had found your rental agency and you earlier, my two previous trips to Christchurch would have been much better.

Thanks for your king help...I feel like I have found a friend and actually felt bad getting a refund from you on the early return of the car after I finally bought my own car.

Once I get a house and phone number I will let you know most definitely.
thanks again,
Clement , Jun 04, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND

…Thanks Teddy. It was a good holiday and we will most probably go back again. We didn't go to the Cadbury factory, but went on the Tairei Gorge train. It was snowing that day.
Ju Li, Jun 04, SINGAPORE

…You have provided us with a good car & reasonable rates. I will certainly recommend your company to my friends if they plan to go to Christchurch.
Siti & Juraimi, May 04

…it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for giving me all the information… I will circulate your contacts to all friends whom I know. Perhaps you might be of service to them if they planned to visit NZ…

Thanks again and hopefully I can see you again next year around the same time.
Max, May 04, SINGAPORE

…We can't stop singing the praises about your excellent customer services and indeed this has changed our perception of renting a motor vehicle from a car rental company, such as yours, that is not situated right at the airport. We will be coming back to you whenever we are in Christchurch, no doubt about that!

Your "going the extra mile" making sure that we understand the NZ driving rules and helping us fine-tuned our 21 day itinerary had been most valuable as Geoff really appreciated the quality time and suggestion you had given us. The free loan of the rice cooker, the state of art mobile phone and snow chain had been so useful whilst touring the beautiful south island.

Once again, grateful thanks for all your time and genuine assistance making our holiday a memorable one from day 1 to day 21. Meeting us at the airport and driving us back to the airport and helping with our luggage are just cream on top.

With warmest regards
Geoff & Margaret Coleman, May 04, AUSTRALIA

…I am pleased you located the car easily. We were lucky enough to find a prominent spot in the parking area. We had a great time and the vehicle did not miss a beat. We would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided with everything going so smoothly. We had some poor service from a rather large rental car company on a recent visit to Tasmania, so it was a pleasure to have such good service on this occasion. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends when they may visit…
Graham & Di, May 04, Rose Bud, Vic, AUSTRALIA

…We had a delayed flight so our day at the airport was rather tiring, however we arrived OK and everything at home is fine excepting for the fact we still have had no rain! We too enjoyed chatting with you when we returned the car and would like to say thank you for your kind hospitality. We would also like to place on record, your courtesy and very explicit directions when we first arrived. The car performed well in its 3500kms journey with never any problems. We hope that you and your family find happiness and prosperity in NZ and we will certainly be recommending your firm to our friends.

With our best wishes
Bob and Claire Georgeson, May 04,Harcourt, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

... I have only 2 weeks left in NZ but I will be back again next year for another 10 weeks or so and will need a similar car. I have been very pleased with your service and will definitely consider using you again…
Many thanks,
Karen Randall, May 04, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM

…Thank you, Teddy. I hope we do meet again.
Kevin, May04, Figtree, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…We enjoyed your good service & look fwd to visit Christchurch again. LK starts work next wk & will email you the photos we took at your depot. We stick your fridge magnet onto our fridge, which remind us of NZ whenever we open it. ;)

Keep in touch & thanks so much for your excellent service
LK & Liz, Apr 04

…Thanks for everything. New Zealand was fabulous and I will definitely be back and hope to be renting a car from you again soon.
Best wishes
Simon, Apr 04, Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

...We had a wonderful time and that was made possible in no small manner by your reliable and well-maintained rental car. Had we had found a car wash in Christchurch at 4 am, we would have got it washed for you as well…

Many thanks and we hope to see you again in the near future.
Best regards,
Nicholas, Apr 04

…We really have a great time in New Zealand. Thanks for your excellent MPV and many many thanks for your rice cooker. Wish we could be in NZ again.
Thanks again.
Songvut & Thaksina, Apr 04, Bangkok, THAILAND

…We manage to catch the two last seats! My friend just asked me for your email, he is going to New Zealand on 17th for around 18 days, hopefully he would have emailed you by now. Hopefully would meet you up again next time.
Gary & Shian Yi, Apr 04
ps: really sorry about losing the plastic cover

…It is a pleasure indeed for us to meet you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Am confident that we would meet once again. Hope the business will grow bigger in the years to come.
Have a pleasant Easter.
Adric, Apr 04

…Yes, this year was different in NZ for me… but still interesting... and does not put me off revisiting! Thank you again for your personalised service….
N Morrissy, Apr 04, Perth, AUSTRALIA

…We travelled for the first time with our 3-month old baby boy and were not sure how we would go.

Teddy of Anzed Car Rentals Christchurch made car hiring very easy. We had the personal service that only a family run type business could offer, with prompt replies to our numerous e-mails before we left home.

From the baby capsule to the quality of the car, the service could not have been better. Typically we will hire vehicles only from the major chain companies, but we could not have all that we were after e.g. no rear facing baby seat, no mobile phone, prices too high but with Anzed Car Rentals nothing was too hard. Teddy took the time to explain everything to us, from road service if needed to mobile phone use (very handy for making accommodation bookings).

The rental car was excellent, very comfortable, great features and very fuel-efficient. We felt safe with our little boy and were reassured with the great tyres on the rental vehicle as well which we had not thought of. You can see that Anzed Car Rentals take pride in their fleet as the rental cars are immaculately kept. We can't say enough about this rental car service and would highly recommend Anzed Car Rentals to anyone who is thinking of renting a car in New Zealand.

Finally, we felt like we left a friend behind when we left New Zealand for home. Thanks Teddy for all your assistance and it was a great pleasure dealing with you. When we are back in NZ we will see you again.

Carolyn & Bill Barbas & baby George, Apr 2004, Wollongong, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for your services…Regards,
Dane, Apr 04, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for your help. We had a great time and enjoyed New Zealand very much…
Jean-Bernard, Mar 04, Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA

…We had a great time in NZ and everything was on schedule. We found the driving was very pleasant and we enjoyed it very much.
Thanks for your guidance and assistance…
Vivien, Mar 04, HONG KONG, CHINA

…It was with a little doubt we decided not to hire new cars from a major car rentals company in New Zealand as we usually do. But for the fact we were using the 2 rental vehicles as shuttles between walks and they would be sitting in a parking area most of the time we decided to go with you. It has proved to be an excellent decision. Your vehicles were spotless and totally reliable. Added to that our dealings with you have been prompt and professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anzed Car Rentals to friends.
Thanks for your assistance.
Till next time, kind regards
Brenden, Mar 04, AUSTRALIA

...We will definitely mention your name to anyone we know that is going to Christchurch and looking to rent a car. Thanks.
Maggie & Gregory, Mar 04, CANADA

…We are happy to rent the car from you too. You are so helpful and friendly. Many Thanks!. :)
S & P Anderson, Mar 04

…We have had a lovely time and it was a great rental car…
Maurice & Stephen, Mar 04, Melbourne Victoria AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for the good service. We hope to see you again in New Zealand sometime soon.
All the best
Daren, Mar 04, a British in SINGAPORE

…Good morning. We had a great trip home & its back to the hot weather. Thank you for all your assistance while we were in New Zealand.
L Arcus, Mar 04, Woodridge, AUSTRALIA

… We arrive at Japan safely. We appreciate you and hope to see you again, too. Thank you very much.
Best Regards
Junichiro, Mar 04, Tokyo, JAPAN

…Thanks again for all the information and helpful advice you gave to us at the commencement of the rental. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sorry about the rugby though ; )
Tim, Mar 04, Melbourne, Australia

…Everything went great! Car gassed-up on Full+. Ran very well. Thanks a million for being so accommodating. Maps proved very helpful to us in Christchurch and over Arthur Pass as well as on the West Coast.

Thank you again and take care "May our paths meet again"
T Magee, Mar 04, Troy, Alabama, USA

…we DO hope to see you again! Regards…
Ruth. Mar 04, New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND

…We did have a very good time driving the Tarago MPV in New Zealand and we regret that we couldn't stay longer. We are very happy to rent the car from you. Good luck with your business.
Best Regards,
Maria & Stephen, Mar 04, Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

…It is good to be back in Sydney weather. Thanks for your service and offering a discount for the next time, as I shall be back in the next 12 months, so I will deal through you again.
Colin, Mar 04, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

…I just made it back to the office - feeling very tired still. The beautiful memories of your country and its people are making up for it.

We are so appreciative of all your help in arranging our vacation itinerary. We would have wasted so much time driving around otherwise. Your business card is with me and we will always recommend your car hire company to whoever travels to New Zealand.

We enjoyed meeting you and you never know we might return one day!! (especially to do the Milford Track) Good wishes to you and your family from
Wayne and Irma, Mar 04, Houston, Texas, USA

…Thanks for your help. May see you again next year!
Ned, Mar 04, Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…we were very pleased with the rental car and service you provided. It has been snowing back in the U.K so we are now adjusting back to the colder climate!! …
Jackie and Mike, Feb 04, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

…We thoroughly enjoyed our 8 days in New Zealand and are determined to return when we can spend more time there. A great beginning to our trip was the "personalized service" you provided. Many thanks. We'll certainly inform our friends and will keep your co-ordinates for our next trip there.

Good luck with your business ventures,
Best regards,
Jim, Feb 04, An American in Jakarta, INDONESIA

…Very sorry I forgot completely about the petrol… I will ring you next time I need a rental car.
Thanks for the great service.
Steve, Feb 04, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

...Thanks for keeping the repair cost low. Really appreciate that. Also sorry if I had caused some inconvenience to you with that damaged aerial.

Hope to see you again.
Best regards
Osman & family, Feb 04, SINGAPORE

…it was really a pleasure renting from you - you provided us with everything we needed for a truly great holiday, and your service is fantastic, sorry we got the rental car back late, we were so lost, thanks again and I have already given your name to friends who are thinking of a New Zealand holiday and you will see me again for sure.
all the best
Kamala, Feb 04, Nambucca, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you very much…
Georgette, Feb 04

…think you found the car and the phone inside as well as we left the rental car where you told us.

Kilometres at the end were 48 473. We also checked the phone and had a credit balance of $30.50. We didn't need the other phone cards. So the phone bill is $ 6.24…

The rental car proved to be very reliable and economic in consumption.

We had a very nice holiday with some rainy days. Yesterday was a very bad day as well as it was too foggy for the planes to take off in the morning. We left with 2 hours delay and missed our scheduled flight in Auckland. We were then booked on a later flight with Cathay and arrived in Hong Kong about 4 hours later than planned.

Anyway it was a great holiday and if we have a chance to come back to New Zealand, we will. We will also recommend you and your friendly service to our Hong Kong friends just in case they'll plan a holiday in New Zealand.

Silke & Christoph Fritz, Feb 04, A German family in HONG KONG

…The van drove great and it was very convenient to have the phone...
E Taylor, Feb 04, California, USA

…We've a wonderful vacation in New Zealand and would never forget the beautiful landscape and nice people there… Hope to see you someday somehow in NZ again.
K Leung, Jan 04, HONG KONG

…Thanks for your wonderful help and organisation when we visited New Zealand in January. The rental car proved to be very reliable, comfortable and economical and your assistance in picking us up and collecting the rental car from the Christchurch Airport, was a great help in facilitating a fantastic holiday!

We intend to come to New Zealand regularly in the future and will always be delighted to utilise your services in arranging car hire.

Best wishes and we look forward to seeing you again.
Yours sincerely
Lester Joyce and Sharon Keinonen, Jan 04, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

…We got back to Sydney OK and it is first day back at work for me which is never too much fun. Still, we have to pay for our holidays somehow! We had a lovely time in NZ and thanks for the hire of two of your rental cars…

Best wishes for 2004. Regards,
L Gibson, Jan 04, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

…Enjoy the rest of the nice warm weather in Christchurch - its freezing here in London! They say it is going to snow tonight!

See you again later in the year! It looks like I'll have my stepdaughter with me next time - you'll get to know the whole family at this rate!
Nicole, Jan 04, ENGLAND

…You provided a very warm and friendly start and end to our trip in NZ.
All the best to you too for the New Year
Best Regards
Yin, Jan 04

…Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you also. I was extremely impressed with you and your business and I just wish all car rental companies were so helpful! I will recommend Anzed Car Rentals to everyone I meet;)
Best wishes,
John Teel, Jan 04, Arizona, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

…We had a wonderful time in both New Zealand and Australia. Hope to get back someday, know where to go to rent a car anyway! Great to have dealt with you.
Best wishes,
C Colfer, Jan 04, IRELAND

…Thanks for all your help and for the rent of your car. It was such a great holiday - and here I am back in England and it's very cold and they say it's going to rain!!! I wish I am back in New Zealand!!! :-( I have many happy memories to treasure - give our love to Justine (that's what we named the rental car!!) Here's to hoping that I can see you again - but I think that's wishful thinking!!! :-)
Caroline, Jan 04, London, UK

…We were very happy with the rental car and your exceptional service and would certainly recommend your car rental company. All the best for the continued success of your company. See you next time!
Kind regards,
Ellen, Jan 04, Woonona, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Again thank you for your services. I will be most happy to recommend Anzed Car Rentals to all my friends. With sunny regards.
Denis, Jan 04, Tahiti, FRENCH POLYNESIA

…Thanks, I really didn't notice anything but I really appreciate that you will not charge us for that. Well next time we visit Christchurch I will let you know.
Also for you, all the best for 2004
D Boeijenga, Jan 04, The NETHERLANDS

…Thanks! Everything went completely smooth, right down to the airport drop-off. Thanks for the excellent service. Best regards,
Kris, Jan 04, Colorado, USA

…It's been a pleasure to meet you in New Zealand and also thank you for the rental car. You've made our holiday trip a good one! We will definitely return to Christchurch for a second time to tour the other places we didn't manage to go. Probably sometime next year and we'll definitely look for you again. In the meantime, good luck with your business!
Lawrence, Irene & Fiona, Jan 04

...We are very glad to have met you and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for all your help…
Warm Regards,
L Choo, Jan 04

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