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2003 Customer Compliments

…Thank you very much for the great service. Rental car ran beautifully, maps were very useful and it was lovely to have such a nice friendly face to greet us both coming & going. We'll be sure to contact Anzed Car Rentals for our next trip :-)
Happy New Year
Anne, Rich & Ciaran, 31 Dec 2003, ENGLAND

…We are back home again and had a very good trip. Had two wonderful days in Singapore. Of course we will rent from you again next time!
Have a good new year.
Mark , Dec 03, The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS

…Thank you for making our trip enjoyable. It would not be possible without you providing the additional services (like the driving-in-New Zealand information and the rice cooker!). I hope you did not have a hard time looking for your rental car at the Christchurch airport.

The only regret is that we should have rented a jeep or a 4WD. The reason is because we had a hard time trying to climb up to the Deer Park in Queenstown. It was a steep and rocky road. We were afraid our car tyres will get punctured, so we gave up halfway.

I will surely recommend your car rental service to anyone I know going to Christchurch. If ever I go to New Zealand again, I will definitely look for you.

One last question:
Will you be setting up a branch in the North Island?
Emily, Dec 03, SINGAPORE

…We had an incredible time there. We appreciate you giving us the great maps and directions - we used them often throughout the trip!! :) We will definitely be returning.

By the way, we were able to bring all 16 bottles of wine into the US -- no questions asked!

Thanks again for your hospitality.
Melanie & Charlie, Kailua, Hawaii, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

…We all enjoy very much our stay in Christchurch. Hope to see you again in Christchurch or in Singapore. Merry Christmas and a Joyful New year to you and family.
Take Care & God Bless.
S Lim, Dec 03, SINGAPORE

…It has been a great pleasure to meet up with you… We had a very good holiday in South Island New Zealand thanks to your recommendations and for keeping such great patience with us…
P Leong, Dec 03

…Great rental car...great trip. Thanks for helping make it possible.
R McKay, Dec 03, Edina, Minnesota, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

…thanks, really had a good time. No problem with the rental car at all. Was sufficient for my family. Appreciate your help. will keep you in mind for future visits.
Thanks again
Kuna, Dec 03

…Just to add my thanks. The MPV is very stable and just suited us very well. Herewith, a card made from one of my photos of the trip to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2004.
Best regards
C LAM, Dec 03

…We enjoyed ourselves and the MPV served us very well throughout…
We would most certainly get in touch with you when we decide to visit the South Island again.
Gary, Dec 03

…Thanks so much for your professionalism. We had a great trip and owe the smoothness of our travel to you.

…We had a lovely time over there. It'll last a lifetime!

What's more lasting is meeting strangers who are friends whom we know will extend help when we need it. You are one such person.

My friends was very impressed with your hands-on approach to wrap the box for us. Little act but big gesture. I foresee you will progress to greater things but don't forget us next time…
Dr Yoong and family, Dec 03, Perak, MALAYSIA

…We've settled down to reality with a rude bump today - middle earth was undoubtedly a much nicer alternative. Anyway, thanks (the second time) for the rental car - it certainly made for a fun holiday (especially since it had a nice big boot...) - see you again soon!
P SIA, Dec 03

…Thanks for renting the 4WD to us ! ...and at such a good rate :) We reach home safely... I think Richard was delayed a little in Los Angeles when transit to San Jose, but he did it after 5 hour waiting in the LA airport :) Hope you see you again in future :)
take-care. regards,
Karen, Dec 03, Penang, MALAYSIA

…It was our pleasure to find and meet such a professional businesman. We will certainly use Anzed Car Rentals again. Anyway we have friends Al & Jan coming over to the same timeshare at Mt Hutt, on 13th March, I think. They want a similar rental car in the same price zone, and will contact you soon, or I will relay their data, as their internet is out of action presently.
John & Cheryl, Dec 03, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…We had a great time and hope to see u in the near future. Thks for the great service…
Evelyn, Dec 03

…Back in Singapore now and it was quite a long flight back. We enjoyed ourselves and thanks for all your help…
D Liew, Nov 03, SINGAPORE

…we made it back smoothly, however it is a tad bit cold here, around -1C. So it was quite a change to come back, especially after our short stopover in Fiji as well. We enjoyed our stay in your area and it was a pleasure renting a car from you…
Frans & Kathy, Nov 03, Vancouver, CANADA

…Thanks again for everything - the return trip was long, but went ok. Hope to see you in a year or two . . .
Bill , Nov 03, Virginia, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

…Thanks for everything. We will be back very soon and will contact you if we need a rental car.
Penny, Nov 03, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

…I still have a little bit of jet lag now, which makes me always sleepy today.
Thank you very much for your considerate arrangement this time. I really enjoy my travel in New Zealand.
Best regards,
Wayne, Nov 03, Taipei, TAIWAN

…Thank you for your flexibility in changing our rental car from the Vitara 4x4 to a Mazda 626 in the middle of our rental period when we suddenly decided to tour the Marlborough region after bad weather closed Mt Hutt for skiing…

Both cars were spotlessly clean upon collection and were in very new condition. Your Mazda 626 deserves special commendation for an effortless and comfortable drive over long distances.

Attached is a photo of the 626 among the vines at Blenheim. Thanks for your friendly service and hope to see you again next year.
Michael, Oct 03

…Just a note of thanks for your service and assistance provided at Christchurch last week. My wife and I had a short but very enjoyable week in Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, aka New Zealand. We hope to be back for a longer stay soon.
We wish you all the best.
K Lee, Oct 03

…It was also our pleasure meeting you and thanks for giving us a rental car that was in such good condition… Wish you all the best in your business and hope to see you again one day…
Chui Lean, Oct 03, Penang, MALAYSIA

…Thanks, we did enjoy the trip. Will get back to you again for next New Zealand trip.
Lee & friends, Oct 03

…Thanks for the info. It was indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Sorry I failed to take good care of your vehicle. Moral of the story.... it does not pay to stinge on insurance!!!

Just arrive home. Gotta get settled down and unpacked. So, take care. Rest assured, next time I am in town, even if I don't need a rental car, perhaps we can go for a drink.
TC, Sep 03

…I'm sorry but I can't find your spare key. I must have lost it somewhere and I have no idea. Could you just get another cut and charge it to the mastercard. I hate loosing keys and I am very sorry that I have lost yours. Our address is as you have it. We do not have street numbers but there are not many of us out here and everyone knows everyone!
Thank you for your wonderful service and next time we are over your way we will hire another car from you.
All the best,
Wayne and Karen, Aug 03, Barney View, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…the car was just fine! I hope you found it easily enough yesterday morning at the Christchurch Airport… Yes, you will see us again, I'm sure.
L Crane, Aug 03, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…Yes, we've finally got on the flight! It was a pleasure meeting you and many thanks to you for your valuable advice & tips.

It certainly has been a wonderful 2 weeks stay and we hope to see you & New Zealand again in the future. many thanks from the both of us and best regards,
Ali & Rini, Aug 03

…We apologize that we have shorten our rental days and appreciate you refunding our money back. We also like to thank you for sending us to the airport and accommodating us in returning the car at such a short notice. However there is good news when we return home.... My wife's nausea is because of pregnancy.

Nevertheless we had an enjoyable trip and my friend was not wrong for recommending you to us…
Fadzli, Aug 03

…We definitely made the right choice renting the car from you.
What a great service... True to SIA style. :)
Best regards,
LS Tan, Aug 03

…Thanks for taking me back into town on Tuesday. I appreciate all your excellent service with the car and I look forward to using you again and to recommending your rental car company to friends and colleagues.
Kind regards,
Tony & Alison, Aug 03, A British couple in SINGAPORE

…First of all thanks for the speedy reply! Second, this is what I call customer service - excellent! Giving the most comprehensive information to customers. I have emailed a lot of car rental company, none, I should say, none, reply as comprehensive as you did…
N Soh, Aug 03, SINGAPORE

…Thank you, for the rental car, the service and… We had a great holiday! Hope to see you again and we will definitely mention Anzed Car Rentals to anyone we know is thinking of hiring a rental car in New Zealand.
Gary & Diane, Aug 03, a British couple in The PHILIPPINES

…First day back at work today - could have done with an extra week holiday!!
We had a great holiday and a great rental car!!
Thank you very much and hope to see you again in the near future.
Helen, Jul03, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…Dan loved the rental car and the phone! He said the rental car had a lot of power. Poor Dan, he's exhausted from the trip and sleeping away!

We'll keep you in our New Zealand folder for our next trip! If we know of anyone going to NZ, we'll definitely recommend you!
Thanks so much,
Melissa, Jul 03, Tustin, California, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

…Thank you for such a great rental car. We had such a fantastic time and your help with the road rules and snow chains was a great personal touch which gave us a lot more confidence. We just loved the beautiful scenery of your country and will definitely be giving you a call if we get back next year.
Peter Bullard, Jun 03, Western AUSTRALIA

...We appreciate your services and will definitely recommend our friends to you in the future…
Patrick Hua, May 03, SINGAPORE

…Thanks again for the great service! We were so relieved to see you arrive to pick us up when we were sheltering from the rain! The rental car was a gem and didn't miss a beat. It was perfect for the 3 of us and our piles of luggage. The weather was very kind to us during our tour of the scenic South Island and, with the comfy and trouble-free rental car, we really didn't want to hand the car back to you! My initial reservations about it being automatic were soon dispelled as I found it so convenient and easy to drive on the winding and hilly roads…
Kind regards
Rob and Sue, May03, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…We both very much appreciate your efficient, friendly, helpful and considerate service. In our many years of travel and hiring cars in different countries around the world we have never experienced such good and personal service. Without doubt you operate the best rental car company we have ever hired a car from. We have been recommending you to all our friends and will continue to do so.

Please feel free to use our comments in any advertising and be sure to contact us if you are coming to Melbourne.
All the best for the future
Graeme & Larry, Apr 03, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

…Very good customer relationship! Yes, I hope to visit New Zealand again next summer and will use your firm. Which was a big improvement over the previous one in personal touches as well as being very handy to airport and saving the expense to me of an airport (desk) fee...I have attached your fridge magnets and will highly recommend Anzed Car Rentals to others.
Noel Morrissy, Apr 03, Perth, Western AUSTRALIA

…We really enjoyed our trip and loved the vehicle you rented us. I would recommend your rental car company to anyone! You can expect to see us back next year…
Dan Murrell, Apr 03, (An American in SINGAPORE)

…Thanks for your efficient and friendly service. It's not easy travelling alone with two children but you made it that much easier for me.

We some friends travelling over in July for the skiing season so have recommended your services highly…
Rita, Apr 03, Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you for your information on my lost article. That notebook is not important. So, you don't need to send it, please discard.
Thank you.
R.Oka, Mar 03, Kamaruka-Shi, JAPAN

…What a great rental car. It got us everywhere we wanted to and we had such a great holiday. The flight back was fine but maybe too long.
Again, many thanks
Dave & Kerry, Mar 03, Cumbria, ENGLAND

…After many years of owning our own business, we truly appreciate people that go that extra step for customer service!! You can be assured that we will contact you on our next trip to your beautiful country and will refer anyone we can your way.

We arrived home after a marathon trip from Sydney to Michigan. No problems until the last plane from Chicago to home but it still was a 30 hour day from the time we left the hotel in Sydney to our driveway. Two sunsets and a sunrise later, we're home.
Thanks again.
Nancy & Dennis, Mar 03, Michigan, USA

…The jet lag is slowly wearing off and we are back at work today so the holidays are over! Thank you (again) for your good service! We will contact you well before our next trip next year.
Kind regards
MO, Mar 03, The Hague, The NETHERLANDS

…Glad to recommend ANZED Car Rentals to anyone coming your way… All's well here, we're just coming out of winter so days are longer and brighter now.
All the best,
F Hughes, Mar 03, Dundee, SCOTLAND

…Thanks for being so reliable…
All the best
Margaret, Mar 03, Woollahra, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…Just got back last night and was real tired after almost 10 hrs of flight. Anyway we did enjoy ourselves even though it was quite a rush. Thanks for renting us the MPV or this holiday will not be so enjoyable…
Mark Yeo, Feb 03, SINGAPORE

…Thank you very much (for the second year running) for your services, help and hospitality during our holidays in New Zealand. We have great memories from there and we really hope to be able to come some day again. Let's keep in touch and I will always recommend your services if someone is planning to go there…All good for you as well, enjoy your life there.
Thanks and best regards
Arto & family, Feb 03, FINLAND

…Thanks…for the excellent car rental service. We shall certainly use you on future visits and recommend you to any of our friends who might be visiting NZ. Since our return to UK we have done little else in our leisure time than talk about what a wonderful country you have and how much we would like to spend another holiday there…
Very best wishes,
Dr M & GW, Feb 03, Ely, UNITED KINGDOM

…The rental car was fine and we had a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to doing it again.
Thank you for your good service.
Kind regards
K Craig, Feb 03, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

…Returned safely home yesterday. Weather pretty good for the time of year - sunny intervals and quite mild… We have had the most fantastic holiday, but all good things must come to an end. I go back to work tomorrow to pay for the next one. It would be nice to celebrate all our birthdays in New Zealand, but I guess it will be a few years before we can return.

It was also a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you - your maps and mobile phone were a great help. Wishing you and your business all the best for the future.
Warm regards,
Julie and Andrew, Feb 03, Wells, UNITED KINGSDOM

…Thank you… Back at work for 2 days now and still suffering the dreaded jet lag. We DID have a fabulous holiday - albeit tiring - came back to -3 and frost so a bit of a change from New Zealand. When we next come to NZ rest assured we will contact you for car hire… All the best
Best regards,
Valda and Roman, Feb 03, Middlesex, UNITED KINGDOM

…The pleasure was ours ... mine in picking a good car rental service and Guz's in doing all the work :). We had a wonderful time in South Island…
Thanks again for all your help.
Lee & Guz, Feb 03

…Thank you very much!! Hoping that I could have a long long holiday again... :)
AL, Feb 03, Kowloon, Hong Kong, CHINA

…It was very nice to meet you… I know there is a lot of place I have not been - West Coast, Nelson area, etc. I shall be back to South Island New Zealand soon…
Best regards
H Watanabe, Feb 03, Tokyo, JAPAN

…We're now in Santiago, Chile and having a great time having crossed the Pacific via Tahiti and Easter Island. We will be sure to let all our New Zealand bound friends know about your rental car company and we look forward to mounting our fridge magnet right in the centre of the fridge door. You were the first person we met down in the South Island and have certainly stuck in our memories as a great example of the hospitality that NZ has to offer.
Thanks again and best wishes.
Matt & Laura, Feb 03, Huddersfield, UNITED KINGDOM

...We had a wonderful time wherever we went in New Zealand - great country, great people. Thanks for all your help and a good rental car at a reasonable price.
Best of luck,
Mike & Carol, Feb 03, Altadena, California, USA

…I realized when I was in the airport that I had bought more wine than I had in my hands, darn. How about a deal, you can drink one if you could keep the other for me when I come back but it may be two years. And yes I did have a great time in New Zealand, thanks.
L Paprocki, Feb 03, Huntington Beach, California, USA

…Thank you very much for your kindness to find the necklace, but probably I think you can dispose or get rid of it since I think it is not big deal for my daughter… Do let me use again your rental car when we have a chance to come to NZ but it would be maybe four years later...
Thank you,
S Goto, Jan 03, Tokyo, JAPAN

…Thanks Teddy. You have been a great help! For a reliable rental car and not forgetting the rice cooker. Certainly came in handy. Will recommend you to friends/relatives who are going to Christchurch.
Happy New Year!
Sandra Ng, Jan 03, SINGAPORE

…Thanks. We had a great holiday. The MPV worked well throughout.
Thanks for all your assistance.
R Simes, Jan 03, Crows Nest, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Many thanks for the excellent service on our recent trip to Christchurch New Zealand. We were glad that our trip went off smoothly and it was a pleasure dealing with you, and will pass your contact in NZ to our friends. It was happy to chit-chat with you about the life-style in NZ. Hope will see you again next time in NZ …
Warmest regards
Kelvin Tang, Jan 03, SINGAPORE

…We had a marvellous time driving your rental car through New Zealand. We will remember the friendly way you treated us and the professional way you run your rental car business. Rest assured that whenever possible we will strongly recommend to friends travelling to NZ to get in touch with you. Should you visit Italy and come to Rome do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to meet you in our turf and give you some advice on how to drive in Rome. HA HA HA!
Warmest regards…
Rowena and Roberto, Jan 03, Rome, ITALY

…Thank you very much for the use of the rental car. We had an excellent holiday, enjoying a fine 4 days for our Milford tramp, so the views were outstanding all the way. Our New Zealand holiday was something to remember and we are keenly awaiting our photos! The Mazda station wagon was a great car, just right for our needs. Thank you so much for your friendly introduction to NZ and the helpful explanation of road rules! It was a pleasure to deal with you,
All the best for 2003 and thank you again
J Vaughan, Jan 03, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

…Thanks for sending us the final charges. And thanks for being so helpful throughout the car rental process. We will definitely refer any friends travelling to New Zealand to you. If you need any customer references we'd be happy to provide those.
Thank you!
Kevin & Anjeanette Rettig, Jan 03, San Diego, California, USA

…what a great pleasure it was meeting you.. Thanks for all your help in making such a wonderful trip possible…All the best and Happy New Year!
Call me if you are in KL. 60-12-xxxxxxx. We can go for some teh-tarik.
G Fung, Jan 03, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

…Teddy - thank you for the great service. See you next year.
P Rennie, Jan 03, Cammeray, NSW, AUSTRALIA

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