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2002 Customer Compliments

…Thanks for your email received recently it was good of you to write and typical of the kind welcome we received all across New Zealand. It was a great trip and one we shall always remember not just for the stunning beauty of the country but just as important the kindness of the people everywhere that we went…

Elena and I are back in the office working again and sometimes it feels like we never left. Though when we look at the photos every now and then it brings back some great memories and reminds us that we might just have to do it all again someday without the wedding bit of course.

But in meantime, Teddy, if you and you family ever get the urge to come to this side of the world it would be our pleasure to have you stay with us and let us show you around 'our island'…

Until then, Teddy, thanks again for helping to make our trip a success … and we wish you all a happy holiday and peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Kind Regards,
Sean & Elena, Dec 02, UNITED KINGDOM

…I must say I enjoyed my short time in Christchurch. School starts here on Thursday and already I have attended a staff meeting and have been given my timetable for the new school year. I imagine that after a day or two my holiday in NZ will seem a long time ago.

Thank you for your efficient service. Should I require a rental car again in Christchurch I will definitely hire one of yours.
Kind regards
AB, 31 Dec 02, A Kiwi in SINGAPORE

…Thanks again for your help, the rental car was great and we were very happy with your assistance.
Have a good Christmas.
RS, Dec 02, Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

…We are thankful we 'bumped' into you… The rental car was very easy to drive. We are now looking into visiting NZ again in June 2003…
Best regards

…It was indeed a wonderful trip and I envy you guys having a wonderful stay - everyday ! Till the next time ...
R & C, Dec 02, SINGAPORE

…Thanks Teddy. Hope the wine was good. The weather here is wet and very windy. We've been back at work since Tuesday. I think we need another holiday!
Thanks for all your help.
I Barber, Dec 02, Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM

…Many thanks for your warm hospitality given to my family during our stay in Christchurch. My family and I really had a great time in New Zealand. The scenery in the South Island is so serene and beautiful. The MPV we rented from you is great. I really enjoy the driving. It is steady and spacious, my children love it so much that they wanted me to change my present car to an MPV…

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2003.
Best Regards,

…Aloha Teddy. This Thursday in the United States is Thanksgiving... Sooo...Happy Thanksgiving.
M & DE, Nov 02, Hawaii, USA

…I'm now back at work and New Zealand seems like a dream, it was over all too quickly. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and the rental car was very comfortable and easy to drive. We particularly appreciated the mobile phone, an extra convenience that's not offered by other rental car companies. Thanks for all your help… We would be very happy to use Anzed Car Rentals again on a future visit and certainly would recommend you to others visiting NZ.
Kind regards,
F & KH, Nov 02, Dundee, SCOTLAND, UK

…We enjoyed driving your rental car around and will certainly rent from you again when we go to Christchurch. You have given us the confidence to rent from you as in the past we have always rented from the big corporations like Hertz, Budget, Avis and National wherever we go. We will also recommend you to our friends should they go to Christchurch.
FL, Nov 02

…thank you for the services rendered….
Have a nice day
Lokman, Nov 02

…Thanks for the rental car. I had a great time in New Zealand. It is a pleasure meeting & knowing u, no matter how brief it was. I hope to be visiting NZ again sometime soon.
Imran, Oct02

…It was indeed an enjoyable trip... which your rental car did play a significant part. Will be sure to recommend you to our friends if they do visit New Zealand. Here's wishing you the best in your future endeavours.
BK, Oct 02

… the car gave no trouble at all during the trip. Had a fabulous time there and would come again if I had the chance...;)
WMK, Oct 02

…many thanks for your friendly good service. It was a delight having made use of your company services and many thanks for your flexibility and willingness to do whatever you could.

Thanks again and all the very best for Christmas and your business.
UF, Oct 02 Kings Langley, NSW, AUSTRALIA

…and yes - we will certainly do business with you again if we are in Christchurch again.
Paul & Paula, Oct 02, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

...we enjoyed driving the car …We would definitely recommend your hire car services to our friends and colleagues. Anyway my sister's family may be coming there with their group of friends... will contact you later about it…
Warm regards
K, J & F, Oct 02

…I have your fridge magnet up for next time…
H & JK, Oct 02, Charlestown, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

…We just back to work today, we have a nice trip in New Zealand. Thank you very much for your good service provided…Thanks a lot for the rice cooker and the mobile phone which were very useful to us and we appreciate your good hospitality very much.
Best regards,

…We're now both back in Nottingham (and at work unfortunately!). We had a great time in New Zealand and thanks once again for your help with maps, driving instructions etc. The jeep was great and really made our holiday as we managed to see so many things in a short space of time. Hope to see you again some time in the future.
DM & NH, Sep 02, Nottingham, ENGLAND

…Last night I was talking to friends at my church about our wonderful time in New Zealand. A friend asked me to "write down" everything we did and everywhere we stayed! I got to thinking - they might need a vehicle to rent as well. So I'm forwarding your e-mail as a reference should they decide to rent a car…

…We will be back in 3 years time. Until then! Thanks for everything again.
Dr J & BC, Sep 02, USA

…Thanks for taking good care of my friends who I recommended to your car rental company. We really appreciate your hospitality :)
Best Regards,

…We really enjoyed our rental car. Everything went smoothly…
BC, Sep 02, Penang, MALAYSIA

…My thanks also. No doubt we will be in touch again. Best regards
DS, Sep 02, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

…Thanks too for the maps and accurate directions... New Zealand is such a fantastic place not just for holidays but to live in as well, I love the friendly people and the "stress free" feeling that we experienced... Hope that your business will flourish and prosper to become giants like…
Alfie, Sep 02, SINGAPORE

…Thank you so much for the car rental... Next time we are in New Zealand we will definitely look you up again and I will recommend you to all my friends heading over to NZ!!!
Karena, Carl, Kerrie and the Twins!!, Sep 02, AUSTRALIA

…I could be going back sometime in mid Nov. Will certainly need a rental car then Will contact you again.
K Low, Sep 02, KL MALAYSIA

…Hi from the big City
We are all well and happy having had such fantastic weekend with my KIDS…
Thanks for your great service. You will hear from us...
Walter, Sep02, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

…We'd call on you next time we're in NZ… p/s: our family saw our photographs and are getting very excited about going to NZ for holidays :)
R & LL, Aug 02

…we really appreciated your professional service and dependable rental vehicle. We will recommend your car rental agency to any of our friends headed your way…
Kevin, Aug 02, Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you very much for your efforts. We do appreciate your friendly service and will recommend Anzed Car Rentals to all our friends…
B Vujovic, Aug 02, Perth WA AUSTRALIA

...Thank you for all your help during our stay. We had a pleasant one… Please do keep me updated of any change of your company and email address in future. We might go back during Summer one day. So do not forget the 'even bigger discount' for us.

…We are one of your satisfied SIA customers, you can bet on that...
Noraini & Rosli, Jul 02, SINGAPORE

…Thanks for the excellent service on our recent trip to Christchurch/Hanmer Springs. Will let you know if we ever need a rental car again…
J & RM, Jun 02, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

…Thanks for your two rental cars and every help.
Best regards
Ting CZ, Jun 02, SINGAPORE

…I enjoyed the brief four-day visit down to the mainland. It was good meeting you and thanks again for your hospitality.
Best regards
John, May 02, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

...And thank you too-- we'll definitely mention you to others here…
RJ, May 02, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

…Thank you too for the personal attention and warm welcome... ...We were glad that our trip went off smoothly and according to our plans…
Victor, May 02

…I must say that your excellent rental vehicle and personalised service give you an edge over the large car rental companies, where you get the feeling that you are dealing with a computer! Renting your Nissan Bluebird definitely added value to our memorable trip to South Island, New Zealand.

It was a pleasure dealing with you and all the very best for the future. Do contact us if you visit this part of the world.
Best regards
Dr. H Kalyan, May 02, INDIA

…We also like to thank you for kind assistance in making our holiday a wonderful one.
Best Regards,
Z & JY May 02

…We had a good trip home and today is beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. Our holiday in New Zealand was excellent and thanks to a very good rental car we had no problems getting about. Thanks again , Teddy, for the first class service from pick up on arrival to dropping us back to the Christchurch airport on return.
Kind regards
J & M Watkins, May 02, NSW AUSTRALIA

…We enjoyed our trip (and the rental car which made our travels possible) very much. Your professionalism and friendly approach added to the experience. If we're in Christchurch again we'll certainly use your services again and will recommend Anzed car rental to any of our friends/relatives who are making a similar trip.

Best wishes
(The Sydney traffic seems so-oo frantically busy to us, now!)
Lynne & Garry, May 02, Sydney AUSTRALIA

…We will be back!
Probably around October this year or Feb next, we have had too many good fishing seasons in New Zealand to let the weather dampen our spirits, plus we can't let it beat us, we have a score to settle with South Island trout.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and we guarantee you will see us again. We will also recommend Anzed Car Rentals to any of our friends that head your way.
Thanks again. Regards
D Lange, Apr 02, NSW AUSTRALIA

…home again and just a note to let you know I am aware I still have the second key to the 4WD, which I hope Louis left in the right place. It sure was raining when we left...and very early (4.30am)… with the rain & ferrying 2 children to the terminal and organising the luggage I clean forgot to give Louis the spare key when he went to park the car. I am terribly sorry and will get it in the post a.s.a.p.
Thanks once again,
Karen, Apr 02, NSW AUSTRALIA

…Donnie & I made it safely back to Oz! Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent service and all your assistance. I will definitely recommend your rental car company to anyone who ventures to New Zealand…

…Thanks for renting us such a new car and for your excellent service!…
All the best.
Isabelle, Apr 02

…We had a wonderful time and we had an excellent time on the South Island. I plan on returning to the South Island of New Zealand in 18-24 months, and take more time to travel around the southern end that time, and maybe Adrienne will be old enough to do some tramping with us.

Hope all goes well and we will be in touch soon, I am sure.
Thanks again
Elias, Apr 02, CANADA

…I should thank you for all the help. It is a pleasure to know you as well. I hope you manage to get the windscreen fixed in time. Wish you all the best for your business and I will try to recommend more customers to you in future. Do keep in touch...
Ian, Apr 02

…THANK YOU… We appreciated your kindness in upgrading the rental car which gave us more comfort and power. Also, thank you for being understanding with us extending the rental period last Tuesday morning. We eventually got on the 4.30pm flight as the previous 2 were full. Now back in front of the PC dreaming of those quiet open spaces in the South Island!

Have told all the team here of your business so hopefully you will get plenty of future bookings.
Best wishes.
Stephanie, Apr 02, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…May I say how nice it was to be greeted so well and that it was a great start to our trip. Very pleasant indeed. I am sorry, I have only just realised that I have your spare key to the rental car still in my bag. If you give me the address I will send it back today.

I don't suppose you have an office in Dunedin? You see, we may not want to make that long drive down there so we will probably fly direct next time and it would be good if you had a contact down there.
Thanks again
H Bedford, Apr 02, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

…Thank you for your good service… I believe we will come again next year and I hope to be able to use your services in that time also…I'm also very happy to propose to our friends to use your rental car company for car rental if they will travel to New Zealand….
Arto, Mar 02, FINLAND

…Thanks… …And the rental car, handphone and rice cooker were indeed a blessing to our vacation. Your good service is certainly a memorable part of the whole trip, and our friends and relatives will certainly hear us mentioning it when we show them the photos…
Regards and best wishes
YS, Mar 02, Sydney AUSTRALIA

…Sorry for taking a little longer than we anticipated in posting this message - but it was always going to be sent - to let you and those who may visit your website know how absolutely pleased and satisfied we were from start to finish of our car rental experience, for the friendly yet professional way you provided service to us.

The email messages at the very start were a major help to confirm exactly what was happening when we arrived in Christchurch, and that confidence certainly helped get our trip off to a great start as we knew exactly what to expect. The extras in the form of drinks, maps, directions, and CDs you loaned were not expected but appreciated nevertheless.

Thank you also for providing us with a manual rental vehicle that Brendon preferred, when it was probably difficult to comply considering you have mainly automatic vehicles. The rental car was certainly clean, comfortable and reliable and we enjoyed driving/riding in it. It was nice getting to know you and we will certainly be mentioning your car rental company to anyone we know who will be heading south. Your friendly, personal service is definitely to be desired.

All the best for the future and your success in your business venture. We're sure you'll do well.
PS: The website looks great.
Kind regards
Ann & Brendon Moynihan, Mar02, Meadowbank, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

…It was really my joy to rent and ride your rental car for a month. I hope to see you again coming July…
Prof J Hyun, Mar 02, SOUTH KOREA

…we had a wonderful time over there... …and now back to the reality of a Great British winter...
Bye for now
A & R Lever, Mar 02, ENGLAND

…Thanks for your good service - it was a pleasure dealing with you, and we will pass your contact details on to our friends…
R & K Howell, Feb 02, New South Wales AUSTRALIA

…Anne and I express our enormous respect and appreciation for your extraordinary service and hospitality. Never in our world travel experience have we encountered such personal and helpful service, and all at such favorable rates.

Please feel free to use my words to describe the satisfaction clients can expect from Anzed Car Rentals. Our best wishes for your continued success.

William and Anne Bartlett, Feb 02, Oregon, USA

…Just a line to thank you for supplying our hire car for our vacation in the South Island. The rental car was both good value and reliable. We travelled about 4500 km and the car behaved impeccably. Trouble free motoring helped us to enjoy what was probably the most enjoyable holiday we have had…
Dave & Sue Whiting, Feb 02, Beds ENGLAND

…Thanks so much for your hospitality during our visit to Christchurch…
CM, Feb 02, CHINA

…I am glad that you have introduced me a nice car. The car belongs to you and you have trust it on me for 8 days, thus keeping it clean and in good condition has always been my way of doing things.

Nevertheless, whenever any of my colleagues go to South Island New Zealand, I will surely recommend them ANZED CAR RENTAL. Your hospitality really warms me up. Keep up the good work and may your business prosper for many years to come!
Richard Tay, Jan 02, SINGAPORE

…The MPV served us very well… Thank you for all the help you have rendered - not forgetting the travel tip and place where we got fruits. We are also very thankful for the use of the rice cooker as my dad simply cannot do without having rice in his diet.

I have placed your fridge magnet in our common office fridge so that everyone can have easy access to it. You provide excellent service, and I will definitely recommend Anzed Car Rentals to friends and relatives. Thank you for making my trip a smoother one.
Ching, Feb 02

…Just a short note to thank you for the fabulous hospitality during our recent visit. Although we had to shorten the visit, it was nevertheless a memorable one and thoroughly enjoyed by Wilma and myself. Thanks to you we managed to see most of the sights in the South Island. Wilma enjoyed driving the hatchback of yours. The rental car was reliable and had the power when needed to overtake slow moving traffic, especially around the hilly roads and farms that the island is famous for. More importantly, we did not have to worry about any breakdown of the car during the trip as it was totally reliable during the ten days under our care…
David and Wilma Feb 02

…We had a wonderful holiday in New Zealand and your rental car was fantastic. The worst part of a holiday is returning home. However, we have already developed our photos and are reliving the great memories…
Adina & Serge, Jan 02, Victoria AUSTRALIA

…I just mentioned your excellent service to some of my friends the other day…
CS & SJ, Jan 02

…Thank you for all the arrangements, especially the cookies and drinks that come just the right time when we needed them…
Joanne Lim, Jan 02

…I should be thanking you for making my trip a smooth and enjoyable one… One of my colleagues is thinking of going to New Zealand at the end of this year with her family. I will try to convince her to start from Christchurch and rent a car from your car rental company…
S Wong, Jan 02, BRUNEI

…The mobile phone was a real boon and yes we enjoyed the CD's. The rental car went very well and we will keep hold of your card. Hopefully we'll get back to New Zealand again. We loved our stay and there are still loads we want to see and do.
Thanks for everything and all the best for 2002
A Mitchell, Jan 02, London ENGLAND

…We are back to work, but we are still thinking of our holiday in New Zealand. We feel lucky to meet you too. Your services and the rental car condition are excellent!!…
Eric & Vivian, Jan 02

… next time I`ll be in New Zealand I will rent from your hire car company again…

…Your rental car has very low mileage and perform well, just like a new car. I'm happy to say that we did an average of 17km/litre of petrol, covering a distance of 2520km over 8 days. Very impressive indeed! The hire car is quiet, with very good handling over uneven roads….
Samuel, Jan 02

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